How Do I Get Fastpass at Disney World

How Do I Get Fastpass at Disney World?

When it comes to visiting Disney World, one of the best ways to make the most of your time is by utilizing the FastPass+ system. FastPass+ allows you to reserve access to select attractions, entertainment, and character meet and greets in advance, reducing wait times and ensuring a smoother experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get a FastPass at Disney World:

1. Purchase your tickets: Before you can make FastPass+ selections, you’ll need valid park tickets for the specific dates you plan to visit.

2. Create a My Disney Experience account: Visit the official Disney World website or download the My Disney Experience mobile app to create an account. This account will be your hub for managing FastPass+ selections.

3. Link your park tickets: Link your park tickets to your My Disney Experience account. This is essential for making FastPass+ reservations.

4. Choose your FastPass+ selections: Once your tickets are linked, you can start reserving FastPass+ selections. You can choose up to three initial selections per day at a single park. These selections can be made up to 30 days in advance for regular ticket holders or up to 60 days in advance for guests staying at a Disney World Resort hotel.

5. Customize your FastPass+ selections: Browse the available attractions, shows, and character experiences to select your preferred FastPass+ options. Consider prioritizing popular attractions or those with longer wait times.

6. Manage your FastPass+ selections: After making your initial three selections, you can make additional FastPass+ reservations, one at a time, subject to availability. Once you’ve used all your FastPass+ selections for the day, you can make new ones based on availability.

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7. Use your FastPass+ selections: On the day of your visit, arrive at the attraction or show during your designated FastPass+ window. Scan your park ticket or MagicBand at the FastPass+ entrance, and enjoy a shorter wait time.

8. Maximize your FastPass+ selections: Once you’ve used your initial three FastPass+ selections, use the My Disney Experience app or kiosks in the park to make additional selections, optimizing your day.

FAQs about FastPass+ at Disney World:

1. How much does FastPass+ cost? – FastPass+ is a complimentary service included with your park admission.

2. Can I get FastPass+ for all attractions? – FastPass+ is available for most attractions, but some experiences may not offer FastPass+.

3. Can I change my FastPass+ selections? – Yes, you can modify or cancel your FastPass+ selections at any time before or during your visit.

4. Can I get more than three FastPass+ selections per day? – After using your initial three selections, you can make additional selections one at a time, subject to availability.

5. Can I get FastPass+ for multiple parks in one day? – No, FastPass+ selections are park-specific, and you can only make reservations for one park per day.

6. Can I get FastPass+ for parades and fireworks? – FastPass+ is not available for parades and fireworks, but there are reserved viewing areas for these shows.

7. What if I’m late for my FastPass+ window? – There is a grace period of 5 minutes before and 15 minutes after your designated window, but it’s best to arrive on time to ensure access.

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8. Can I use someone else’s FastPass+ reservation? – FastPass+ selections are non-transferable and can only be used by the person assigned to them.

9. Can I get FastPass+ for popular attractions like Avatar Flight of Passage? – FastPass+ availability for popular attractions is limited and may require making reservations well in advance.

10. Can I get FastPass+ for character meet and greets? – Yes, you can select character meet and greets as part of your FastPass+ choices.

11. Can I get FastPass+ for shows and entertainment? – Some shows and entertainment options offer FastPass+, but availability may vary.

By utilizing the FastPass+ system, you can streamline your Disney World experience, reduce wait times, and make the most of your visit. Plan ahead, make your selections wisely, and enjoy a magical and efficient day at the happiest place on earth!