How Long Are Lines at Disney World Right Now

How Long Are Lines at Disney World Right Now?

Disney World, known as the “Happiest Place on Earth,” attracts millions of visitors each year. However, one of the biggest concerns for guests is the length of the lines at the various attractions. With the current pandemic situation, it’s essential to know what to expect when planning your visit to Disney World. In this article, we will explore the current state of lines at Disney World and answer some frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

The length of lines at Disney World can vary depending on various factors such as the time of year, day of the week, and even the weather. Additionally, Disney World has implemented new health and safety measures due to COVID-19, which may impact the wait times.

As of now, Disney World is operating at reduced capacity to ensure physical distancing. This means that lines might be shorter than usual, but it also means that reservations are required for park entry. The park has implemented a new system called the Disney Park Pass reservation system, which allows guests to secure their spot in the park ahead of time.

To manage crowds, Disney World has also introduced a virtual queue system for some of its most popular attractions, such as Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Mickey’s Runaway Railway. The virtual queue allows guests to join a boarding group through the My Disney Experience app, reducing the need to wait in a physical line.


1. How long are the lines at Disney World right now?
The length of lines can vary depending on the attraction and time of day. However, due to reduced capacity, lines are generally shorter than normal.

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2. Do I need to make a reservation to enter Disney World?
Yes, the Disney Park Pass reservation system is currently in place, and guests need to secure a reservation before visiting the park.

3. Are there any virtual queues at Disney World?
Yes, certain popular attractions have virtual queues to minimize physical line waiting. These can be joined through the My Disney Experience app.

4. Are lines longer on weekends or weekdays?
Lines tend to be shorter on weekdays, especially during non-peak seasons. Weekends can be busier, so it’s advisable to plan accordingly.

5. Can FastPasses be used to skip lines?
FastPasses are temporarily suspended at Disney World, and no FastPasses are being distributed or used at this time.

6. Are there any strategies to reduce wait times?
Arriving early, utilizing the virtual queue system, and planning your visit during non-peak times can help reduce wait times.

7. Are there any attractions with particularly long lines?
Attractions such as Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Flight of Passage, and Space Mountain often have longer wait times due to their popularity.

8. What health and safety measures are in place in the lines?
Physical distancing markers, hand sanitizing stations, and mandatory face mask policies are enforced in the lines to ensure guest safety.

9. Can I see the estimated wait times for attractions?
Yes, the My Disney Experience app provides real-time wait times for attractions, allowing guests to plan accordingly.

10. Are lines longer during holidays or special events?
Holidays and special events can attract larger crowds, resulting in longer lines. It’s advisable to check the park’s event calendar before planning your visit.

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11. Are characters still available for meet and greets?
Character meet and greets are currently suspended to maintain physical distancing. However, characters can be seen throughout the parks in designated areas or during special cavalcades.

In conclusion, the lines at Disney World currently tend to be shorter than usual due to reduced capacity and the implementation of virtual queues. To ensure a smooth visit, make reservations through the Disney Park Pass reservation system, utilize the virtual queue system, and plan your visit during non-peak times. Remember to check the My Disney Experience app for real-time wait times and follow all health and safety measures in place. With proper planning and flexibility, you can still enjoy the magic of Disney World while minimizing wait times.