How Many Books Are There in the World 2017

How Many Books Are There in the World 2017?

Books have been an integral part of human civilization for centuries, serving as sources of knowledge, entertainment, and inspiration. With the advent of the digital age, the number of books available to us has increased exponentially. However, estimating the exact number of books in the world is a challenging task due to various factors such as self-publishing, out-of-print books, and the constantly evolving publishing industry. Nonetheless, we can make an educated estimate based on available data.

According to a study conducted by Google in 2010, they estimated that there were approximately 130 million unique books in the world. This number includes both print and digital books. However, this estimation is now seven years old, and the number of books published each year has continued to rise. In 2017 alone, it is estimated that over two million books were published worldwide.

The rise of self-publishing has significantly contributed to the increasing number of books. Platforms like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords have allowed authors to publish their work independently, bypassing traditional publishing houses. This has led to a surge in the number of books available, particularly in digital formats.

Despite the difficulty in obtaining an exact figure, the International Publishers Association (IPA) provides valuable insights into the global publishing industry. They estimate that around 300,000 new titles are published annually in the United States alone. The United Kingdom and China follow with approximately 184,000 and 440,000 new titles published respectively. These numbers only account for books published through traditional channels and exclude self-published works.

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Now let’s address some frequently asked questions about the number of books in the world:

1. Are these numbers inclusive of all languages?
Yes, the estimated numbers include books published in various languages from around the world.

2. What about out-of-print books?
It is challenging to determine the exact number of out-of-print books as they vary over time. However, digitization efforts have made some out-of-print books available again in digital formats.

3. How many ebooks are available?
The number of available ebooks is constantly changing, but it is estimated that there are several million ebooks currently available.

4. Which country publishes the most books?
China leads in terms of the number of books published annually, followed by the United States and the United Kingdom.

5. How many books are available in libraries?
There is no definitive answer to this question as library collections differ and constantly evolve. However, it is estimated that there are billions of books in libraries worldwide.

6. How many books are printed each day?
On average, around 3 million books are printed each day globally.

7. What impact has digital publishing had on the number of books available?
Digital publishing has significantly increased the number of books available, as it allows for easier and more cost-effective distribution.

8. Is the number of books published increasing each year?
Yes, the number of books published each year has been steadily increasing, thanks in part to self-publishing and digital platforms.

9. How many books are published in non-fiction versus fiction genres?
There is no clear data available on the exact distribution of books across genres. However, it is estimated that fiction books make up a significant portion of published works.

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10. How many books are lost or destroyed each year?
It is challenging to determine the exact number of lost or destroyed books. However, efforts are made to preserve and protect books through digitization and archiving initiatives.

11. How has the internet affected the availability of books?
The internet has made books more accessible than ever before. Online retailers, digital libraries, and open-access databases have increased the availability of books worldwide.

In conclusion, estimating the exact number of books in the world is a complex task due to various factors. However, it is safe to say that there are millions, if not billions, of books in existence. With the continuous growth of digital publishing and self-publishing, the number of books available to readers will only continue to rise.