How Many Tiers in Rocket Pass 2022

Rocket Pass 2022, the latest iteration of the popular Rocket League progression system, has introduced several exciting new features and rewards for players to unlock. One of the most intriguing aspects of the Rocket Pass is the tier system, which determines the number of tiers players can progress through and the rewards they can earn along the way. In this article, we will explore how many tiers are present in Rocket Pass 2022 and provide answers to some frequently asked questions about this exciting feature.

Rocket Pass 2022 introduces a total of 70 tiers for players to progress through. Each tier offers unique rewards, such as new car bodies, decals, goal explosions, wheels, and more. As players complete matches and earn experience points, they will gradually unlock new tiers and access the rewards associated with them.

Now, let’s dive into some frequently asked questions about the Rocket Pass tier system:

1. How do I progress through the tiers in Rocket Pass 2022?
To progress through the tiers, you need to earn experience points by playing matches in Rocket League. The more experience points you accumulate, the faster you will unlock new tiers.

2. Can I purchase tiers to progress faster?
Yes, Rocket Pass premium owners have the option to purchase tiers using the in-game currency called “Rocket Pass Premium Credits.” This allows players to progress through the tiers at their desired pace.

3. What happens if I don’t complete all the tiers before the Rocket Pass ends?
Any unlocked tiers will remain available for you to claim even after the Rocket Pass ends. However, any unreached tiers will be locked and their associated rewards will no longer be obtainable.

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4. Can I switch between Rocket Pass tiers once I’ve unlocked them?
Yes, once you’ve unlocked a tier, you can switch between tiers and claim any rewards that you have earned.

5. Are there any exclusive rewards for Rocket Pass premium owners?
Yes, Rocket Pass premium owners receive additional rewards throughout the progression system, including exclusive car bodies, decals, and other items.

6. Can I unlock Rocket Pass tiers in both Competitive and Casual matches?
Yes, you can earn experience points and progress through the tiers in both Competitive and Casual matches.

7. What happens if I purchase Rocket Pass premium in the middle of the season?
If you purchase Rocket Pass premium after the season has already started, you will retroactively receive any premium rewards for the tiers you have already unlocked.

8. Can I trade the rewards I unlock through Rocket Pass?
Yes, most of the rewards you unlock through Rocket Pass can be traded with other players.

9. Are there any time-limited rewards in Rocket Pass 2022?
Yes, Rocket Pass 2022 introduces time-limited rewards, such as Limited Edition items, which are only available during the current season.

10. Can I level up my Rocket Pass tiers faster by playing with a party?
Yes, playing with a party will increase the experience points earned at the end of each match, allowing you to level up your Rocket Pass tiers faster.

11. Can I progress through the Rocket Pass tiers in any game mode?
Yes, you can progress through the tiers in any game mode, including competitive, casual, and extra modes.

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12. Is Rocket Pass available on all platforms?
Yes, Rocket Pass is available on all platforms that support Rocket League, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Rocket Pass 2022 offers players an exciting progression system with a wide range of rewards to unlock. With 70 tiers to progress through, players have ample opportunities to earn unique items and showcase their style on the field. So, jump into Rocket League, start earning experience points, and unlock those tiers to make the most of Rocket Pass 2022!