How Much Is It to Play World of Warcraft

How Much Is It to Play World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft (WoW) is one of the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) in the world. With its vast and immersive world, engaging gameplay, and a dedicated player base, it continues to captivate gamers worldwide. However, before embarking on your epic adventure in Azeroth, it is essential to understand the cost of playing WoW. In this article, we will explore the various expenses associated with playing World of Warcraft.

1. Game Purchase: To start your journey, you need to purchase the base game. The current price for the World of Warcraft Battle Chest, which includes the base game and its expansions up to Warlords of Draenor, is $19.99.

2. Subscription Fees: WoW requires a monthly subscription to access its content fully. The subscription fee is $14.99 per month, but discounts are available for longer subscription periods. You can save by opting for a three-month subscription at $13.99 per month or a six-month subscription at $12.99 per month.

3. Expansions: As the game evolves, Blizzard releases expansions that introduce new content, zones, and gameplay mechanics. Each expansion is sold separately, and the current expansion, Shadowlands, costs $39.99. Keep in mind that future expansions will likely require additional purchases.

4. Character Boosts: If you wish to jump straight into the latest content, Blizzard offers character boosts for an additional fee. These boosts instantly level up your character to a predetermined level, typically the level required to access the latest expansion content. Character boosts are priced at $60 each.

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5. In-Game Purchases: While not necessary to enjoy the game, WoW offers optional in-game purchases such as cosmetic items, mounts, pets, and character services like race changes or server transfers. These range in price, but they are entirely optional.

6. Game Time Tokens: WoW also provides an alternative to a monthly subscription. Game Time Tokens can be purchased with real money and then traded in-game for gold. This allows players with enough in-game currency to pay for their subscription without spending real money.

7. Starter Edition: If you’re unsure about committing to a subscription, you can try the Starter Edition for free. It grants limited access to the game and lets you play up to level 20. However, to experience the full game, you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

8. System Requirements: Before diving into WoW, ensure that your computer meets the system requirements to run the game smoothly. Failing to meet these requirements may result in poor performance or an inability to play the game at all.

9. Internet Connection: As an online game, WoW requires a stable internet connection. Ensure you have a reliable and fast internet service provider to enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

10. Add-Ons: WoW has a vibrant modding community that creates add-ons to enhance the gameplay experience. While most add-ons are free, some premium ones may require a small fee.

11. Community Events: Although not mandatory, participating in community events, such as BlizzCon or in-game holidays, may incur additional costs for travel, accommodation, or virtual tickets.


1. Can I play WoW for free?
– You can play up to level 20 with the Starter Edition, but to access the full game, a subscription is required.

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2. Are there any discounts for subscriptions?
– Yes, longer subscription periods offer discounted rates.

3. Do expansions include the base game?
– No, expansions are sold separately.

4. Can I play without an internet connection?
– No, a stable internet connection is necessary to play WoW.

5. Are character boosts necessary?
– No, character boosts are optional and can be purchased if desired.

6. Can I pay for my subscription with in-game currency?
– Yes, Game Time Tokens allow you to use in-game gold to pay for your subscription.

7. Are in-game purchases required to enjoy the game?
– No, in-game purchases are entirely optional.

8. Can I run WoW on my computer?
– Check the system requirements to ensure compatibility with your computer.

9. Is participating in community events necessary?
– No, community events are optional and may incur additional costs.

10. Are add-ons free?
– Most add-ons are free, but premium ones may require a fee.

11. Are there any hidden costs?
– The costs mentioned here cover the essentials, but additional expenses may arise depending on personal preferences and choices within the game.