How to Be a Tank in New World

How to Be a Tank in New World

New World, the highly anticipated MMO from Amazon Game Studios, offers players the opportunity to explore a vast and dynamic world filled with dangerous creatures, treacherous environments, and intense player-versus-player battles. As a tank, your role is crucial in keeping your team alive and soaking up damage from enemies. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to be an effective tank in New World.

1. Choose the Right Weapon:
The sword and shield combination is the go-to choice for tanks in New World. The shield provides additional defense and crowd control abilities, while the sword offers a balance between offense and defense.

2. Invest in Heavy Armor:
Tank builds should prioritize heavy armor to maximize their survivability. Heavy armor provides significant damage reduction and increases your overall health pool.

3. Prioritize Constitution and Strength:
Allocate attribute points into Constitution and Strength to increase your health pool and damage output. Constitution increases your maximum health, while Strength enhances your melee damage.

4. Utilize Defensive Abilities:
Make use of defensive abilities such as Shield Rush, Blocking Stance, and Defiant Stance to mitigate damage and protect your team. These abilities will allow you to control aggro and keep enemies focused on you.

5. Taunt Enemies:
As a tank, it’s crucial to draw enemy aggro and keep them away from your squishier teammates. Use taunt abilities like Shield Bash and Defiant Stance to grab the attention of enemies and force them to focus on you.

6. Communicate with Your Team:
Effective communication is key to successful tanking. Coordinate with your team, let them know when you’re taunting or need healing, and work together to tackle challenging encounters.

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7. Master Blocking and Dodging:
Learning to time your blocks and dodges is essential for tanking. Blocking reduces incoming damage, while dodging allows you to evade attacks altogether. Practice your timing to minimize damage taken.

8. Manage Stamina:
Stamina management is crucial for tanks. Blocking and using abilities consume stamina, so be mindful of your stamina bar and avoid exhausting it completely, leaving you vulnerable.

9. Upgrade Your Skills:
Invest in tank-specific skills and passives to enhance your effectiveness. Focus on abilities that boost your survivability, threat generation, and crowd control capabilities.

10. Support Your Healers:
Stay close to your healers and protect them from harm. Tanks and healers form a symbiotic relationship, so ensure that you’re in the frontline defending your support teammates.

11. Adapt to Situations:
Lastly, be adaptable. Different encounters may require different strategies, so be prepared to adjust your playstyle accordingly. Some encounters may require more focus on crowd control, while others may demand a more aggressive approach.


1. Can tanks solo content in New World?
While tanks can handle solo content, their role shines in group content, where they can protect and control aggro for their team.

2. Can tanks deal significant damage?
While tanks are primarily focused on defense and crowd control, they can still deal respectable damage, especially when using heavy-hitting abilities.

3. Can tanks switch weapons?
Yes, tanks can switch weapons to adapt to different situations. However, the sword and shield combination is the most effective for tanking.

4. What factions work well for tanks?
All factions can work well for tanks, as faction choice primarily affects the storyline and PvP opportunities rather than gameplay mechanics.

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5. Is tanking the only viable role in New World?
No, New World offers a variety of viable roles, including damage dealers and healers. Tanks are essential for group content but are not the only viable role.

6. Can tanks taunt multiple enemies simultaneously?
Yes, tanks can taunt multiple enemies using abilities like Defiant Stance, forcing them to focus their attacks on the tank.

7. How important is gear for tanks?
Gear plays a significant role in a tank’s effectiveness. Prioritize heavy armor and equipment with stats that enhance your survivability.

8. Can tanks use ranged weapons?
While tanks can equip ranged weapons, their effectiveness is limited compared to melee weapons. Ranged weapons are better suited for damage dealers.

9. Are tanks in high demand in New World?
Tanks are typically in high demand due to their crucial role in group content. Finding groups and joining guilds should be relatively easy for aspiring tanks.

10. Can tanks solo PvP?
Tanks can survive in PvP encounters due to their high durability, but their primary role is to protect and control objectives rather than dealing damage.

11. Are tanks needed for PvE quests?
Tanks are not necessary for most PvE quests, as they are usually designed to be completed solo or with a group of any composition. However, tanks are valuable for group-oriented activities like dungeons and raids.

In conclusion, being a tank in New World requires a combination of defensive abilities, effective communication, and adaptability. By following these tips and mastering the tanking role, you’ll become an invaluable asset to your team, ensuring their survival in the perilous world of New World.

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