How to Breed Epic Noggin on Earth Island

How to Breed Epic Noggin on Earth Island

Monster breeding has become a popular pastime in the virtual world, and among the many lovable creatures, Epic Noggin is a highly sought-after monster. If you’re eager to add this adorable critter to your collection, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to breed Epic Noggin on Earth Island.

1. Unlock Earth Island: To begin your breeding journey, you must first unlock Earth Island. This can be done by reaching level 4 in the game and following the tutorial.

2. Build a Breeding Structure: Once Earth Island is unlocked, construct a Breeding Structure from the Market menu. It will cost you 50,000 coins, but it’s an essential investment for breeding.

3. Place Monsters in the Breeding Structure: Next, select two suitable monsters to breed. In this case, you’ll need to choose monsters that have the elements of Cold and Air, as these are the requirements for breeding Epic Noggin. For instance, you could select a Quibble and a Kayna.

4. Start Breeding: Drag the chosen monsters onto the Breeding Structure and wait for the breeding process to begin. This will take a specific amount of time, usually a few hours. You can speed up the process by using diamonds, but it’s not necessary.

5. Hatch the Egg: Once the breeding time is complete, a new egg will appear in the Breeding Structure. Tap on it to hatch the egg and reveal the newly bred monster.

6. Repeat if Necessary: If you didn’t get an Epic Noggin on your first attempt, don’t be discouraged. Breeding Epic monsters often requires multiple tries, so simply repeat the process until you succeed.

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7. Level Up Your Epic Noggin: After successfully breeding an Epic Noggin, focus on leveling it up to enhance its abilities. Use food, collected from various sources, to feed your monster and increase its level.

8. Place on Earth Island: Once your Epic Noggin is hatched, place it on Earth Island to enjoy its cheerful melodies. You can decorate the island to create a welcoming environment for your newly acquired monster.

9. Breed More Epic Noggins: If you want to expand your collection of Epic Noggins, repeat the breeding process with different combinations of Cold and Air monsters. Each breeding attempt offers a chance to obtain unique variations of Epic Noggin.

10. Experiment with Rare Monsters: Rare monsters, such as Rare Quibble and Rare Kayna, have a higher success rate in breeding Epic Noggins. Try incorporating them into your breeding combinations to increase your chances of success.

11. Utilize the Wishing Torch: The Wishing Torch is a structure on Earth Island that increases the odds of breeding rare monsters. Light it up using shards obtained from various game activities, and then use it strategically during your breeding attempts to boost your chances of breeding Epic Noggins.


1. Can I breed Epic Noggin on any other island?
No, Epic Noggin can only be bred on Earth Island.

2. How long does the breeding process take?
The breeding process typically takes a few hours.

3. Can I breed Epic Noggin without a Breeding Structure?
No, the Breeding Structure is essential for breeding monsters.

4. Is it possible to breed Epic Noggin with any combination of Cold and Air monsters?
No, Epic Noggin can only be bred with specific combinations of Cold and Air monsters.

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5. Do I need to level up my monsters before breeding?
No, the level of the monsters does not affect the breeding process.

6. Can I breed Epic Noggin with two Epic Noggins?
No, Epic Noggin cannot be bred by combining two Epic Noggins.

7. Are there any special events that increase the chances of breeding Epic Noggins?
Occasionally, the game may introduce events that enhance the chances of breeding specific monsters, including Epic Noggin.

8. Can I sell Epic Noggins?
No, Epic Noggins cannot be sold once they are hatched.

9. Can I breed Epic Noggin using diamonds?
No, diamonds cannot be used to directly breed Epic Noggins. They can only be used to speed up the breeding process.

10. Can I breed Epic Noggin on any level?
No, you need to reach at least level 4 in the game to unlock Earth Island and begin breeding.

11. Can I breed Epic Noggin using any combination of Cold and Air monsters?
No, Epic Noggin can only be bred using specific combinations of Cold and Air monsters.

With this guide and the answers to common questions, you’re now equipped to embark on your quest to breed Epic Noggin on Earth Island. Happy breeding and enjoy the delightful melodies of your Epic Noggin!