How to Buy Fennec Rocket League

How to Buy Fennec Rocket League: A Comprehensive Guide

Rocket League, developed by Psyonix, has taken the gaming world by storm since its release in 2015. With its unique blend of soccer and vehicular mayhem, the game has captivated millions of players worldwide. One of the most sought-after cars in Rocket League is the Fennec. Due to its sleek design and handling, the Fennec has become a favorite among players. If you’re eager to add the Fennec to your Rocket League garage, this article will guide you through the process.

1. Determine your platform: Rocket League is available on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Ensure you have the game on your preferred platform before proceeding.

2. Familiarize yourself with the in-game trading system: Rocket League has an intricate trading system where players can exchange items, including cars, with each other. Understanding how this system works will be crucial in acquiring the Fennec.

3. Acquire tradable items: To trade for the Fennec, you’ll need items that hold value in the Rocket League community. These items can be obtained by playing the game and unlocking crates, or by purchasing them from other players.

4. Research trading platforms: Various online platforms are dedicated to Rocket League trading. These platforms allow players to connect and trade items. Popular ones include RL Garage, Rocket League Exchange, and Discord trading channels.

5. Create an account: Sign up on your preferred trading platform and complete the necessary profile details. This will enable you to interact with other traders.

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6. Search for Fennec listings: Once your account is set up, start searching for Fennec listings. Specify your platform, region, and the items you’re willing to trade. You can also browse through other traders’ listings to find the desired Fennec offers.

7. Initiate a trade: If you come across a suitable Fennec offer, reach out to the trader and initiate a trade. Discuss the terms, negotiate the deal, and finalize the exchange.

8. Verify the trader’s reputation: Before proceeding with a trade, check the trader’s reputation. Most trading platforms have a rating or feedback system where users can leave reviews based on their trading experiences. Opt for reputable traders to avoid scams or unfair deals.

9. Complete the trade: Once both parties agree on the terms, complete the trade as per the trading platform’s guidelines. This may involve sending a trade request in-game or using a trusted middleman for high-value trades.

10. Enjoy your new Fennec: After successfully acquiring the Fennec, it’s time to enjoy its sleek design and exceptional performance on the virtual soccer field.


1. Can I buy the Fennec directly from the in-game store?
Unfortunately, the Fennec cannot be purchased directly from the in-game store. It can only be acquired through player-to-player trading.

2. How much does the Fennec typically cost?
The price of the Fennec varies depending on platform, region, and demand. As of now, it ranges from a few keys to several hundred keys.

3. Can I trade other cars for the Fennec?
Yes, you can trade other cars or items of value for the Fennec. The value of the items being traded will be determined by the market demand and rarity.

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4. Are there any risks involved in trading for the Fennec?
While trading in Rocket League is generally safe, there is always a risk of encountering scammers. It’s crucial to verify the reputation of the trader and follow the trading platform’s guidelines to minimize risks.

5. Can I trade for the Fennec on any platform?
Yes, Rocket League trading is cross-platform, allowing players to trade items across different platforms.

6. Can I trade for the Fennec with in-game currency?
Yes, you can trade items called “keys” for the Fennec. Keys are the in-game currency used for trading.

7. Can I trade with friends for the Fennec?
Yes, Rocket League allows players to trade items directly with their friends in-game.

8. Can I sell the Fennec after buying it?
Yes, you can sell the Fennec in the future if you wish to trade it for other items or currency.

9. Is the Fennec available as a drop after matches?
No, the Fennec cannot be obtained as a drop after matches. It is only available through player trading.

10. Are there any other cars similar to the Fennec?
The Fennec’s closest counterparts in terms of hitbox and handling are the Octane and Dominus. However, the Fennec’s unique design and popularity set it apart.

11. Can I customize the Fennec with different decals and colors?
Yes, like other cars in Rocket League, the Fennec can be customized with various decals, colors, and other cosmetic items.

12. Can I trade for the Fennec without owning Rocket League?
No, you must own Rocket League on your preferred platform to trade for the Fennec. Ownership of the game is required to access the trading system.

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