How to Do 2 Player on Rocket League

How to Do 2 Player on Rocket League

Rocket League is a popular multiplayer vehicular soccer video game that offers thrilling gameplay and intense competition. While playing online with random players is enjoyable, teaming up with a friend for a two-player experience can take the excitement to new heights. If you’re new to Rocket League or unsure how to set up a two-player game, this article will guide you through the process.

1. Connect Controllers: To play Rocket League with two players on the same system, ensure that both players have a compatible controller connected to their respective consoles or PCs.

2. Start the Game: Launch Rocket League on your chosen platform and navigate to the main menu.

3. Select Local Play: In the main menu, find the “Play” option and select “Local” from the dropdown menu.

4. Choose a Mode: Next, choose the mode you wish to play in. Whether it’s a casual match, tournament, or training session, select the mode that suits your preferences.

5. Configure Settings: Once you’ve selected the mode, you’ll have the opportunity to adjust the game settings to your liking. This includes options like match length, arena, and mutator settings for custom games.

6. Assign Controllers: After configuring the settings, the game will prompt you to assign controllers to each player. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair the controllers with the desired player.

7. Customize Cars: Before the match begins, players can customize their cars by selecting different bodies, decals, wheels, and more. This step adds a personal touch to your gameplay experience.

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8. Team Selection: Depending on the mode you selected, you may need to choose which team each player will join. Decide who will play on the blue team and who will play on the orange team.

9. Ready Up: Once both players have selected their teams and customized their cars, press the “Ready Up” button to begin the match.

10. Play and Communicate: Now it’s time to showcase your skills on the field! Coordinate with your teammate, communicate strategies, and work together to outscore your opponents.

11. Post-Match: After the match concludes, you’ll have the option to play again, change settings, or exit to the main menu.

12. Enjoy the Game: Remember to have fun during your two-player experience. Whether you win or lose, the most important thing is to enjoy the game and the teamwork involved.


1. Can two players play Rocket League split-screen on a PC?
Yes, Rocket League supports split-screen multiplayer on a PC. Connect two controllers, launch the game, and follow the steps mentioned above.

2. Can two players play Rocket League online together?
Yes, two players can form a party and play Rocket League online together. Simply invite your friend to join your party and queue up for an online match.

3. Can I play Rocket League cross-platform with my friend?
Rocket League allows cross-platform play, so you can team up with your friend regardless of the platform they are playing on.

4. Can I use different controllers for two-player mode on Rocket League?
Yes, you can use different controllers for two-player mode. Ensure that both controllers are compatible with your gaming platform.

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5. How do I change the player configuration during a two-player match?
To change the player configuration during a match, pause the game and navigate to the options menu. From there, you can change the controller settings and reassign controllers.

6. Can I play two-player Rocket League on a Nintendo Switch?
Yes, two players can play Rocket League on a Nintendo Switch. Connect two Joy-Cons or Pro Controllers to the Switch, launch the game, and follow the steps mentioned above.

7. How do I invite a friend to play Rocket League on PlayStation or Xbox?
On PlayStation or Xbox, you can invite a friend to play Rocket League by sending them a party invite through the console’s interface.

8. Can I play two-player Rocket League on a mobile device?
Currently, Rocket League is not available for mobile devices, so two-player mode is not possible on these platforms.

9. How can I improve my teamwork skills in Rocket League?
To improve your teamwork skills, communicate with your teammate, practice passing and coordinating plays, and develop a good understanding of each other’s playstyles.

10. Can I play two-player Rocket League offline?
Yes, Rocket League offers an offline two-player mode, allowing you to play with a friend on the same system without an internet connection.

11. Can I play two-player Rocket League on a Mac?
Yes, Rocket League is available on Mac, and you can play in two-player mode by connecting compatible controllers to your Mac and following the steps mentioned above.

12. How do I change the team colors in a two-player match?
At the start of a match, you can change the team colors by selecting different presets available in the garage customization menu.

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