How to Get a Black Market Drop in Rocket League

How to Get a Black Market Drop in Rocket League

Rocket League is a popular vehicular soccer video game that offers a wide range of customization options to its players. One of the most coveted customization items in the game is the Black Market drop. These rare and exclusive items can drastically enhance your car’s appearance, and acquiring them can be quite challenging. In this article, we will explore some tips and tricks to help you increase your chances of obtaining a Black Market drop in Rocket League.

1. Play Online Matches: Participating in online matches is the primary way to earn drops in Rocket League. The more matches you play, the higher your chances of getting a Black Market drop.

2. Complete Challenges: Rocket League often introduces special challenges that reward players with exclusive items. Keep an eye out for these challenges and complete them to increase your chances of getting a Black Market drop.

3. Participate in Events: Events in Rocket League often offer unique drops, including Black Market items. Stay updated with the latest events and actively participate to maximize your chances.

4. Trade with Other Players: Trading with other players is another way to acquire Black Market drops. If you have duplicate items or items of value, you can exchange them for Black Market items with fellow Rocket League enthusiasts.

5. Crate Opening: Black Market drops are often found in crates, which can be opened using keys. Purchase keys from the in-game store and open crates to test your luck.

6. Trade-In Items: You can also trade in your unwanted items for higher rarity items. By trading in multiple items, you might have a chance to obtain a Black Market drop.

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7. Patience is Key: Black Market drops are extremely rare, so it’s important to be patient. Keep playing the game regularly, and eventually, your persistence may pay off.

8. Join Online Communities: Joining Rocket League communities and forums can help you stay informed about trading opportunities and potential giveaways, increasing your chances of obtaining a Black Market drop.

9. Watch Live Streams: Occasionally, Rocket League streamers or official tournaments offer drops to viewers. Tune in to these live streams for a chance to win Black Market items.

10. Participate in Tournaments: Rocket League hosts regular tournaments that often offer exclusive rewards. Participating in these tournaments can increase your chances of getting a Black Market drop.

11. In-Game Store: Check the in-game store regularly for limited-time offers or exclusive items. While Black Market drops may not be directly available for purchase, the store often features valuable items that can be traded for them.

12. Trading Websites: Utilize Rocket League trading websites to connect with other players and trade items, including Black Market drops. These platforms provide a dedicated space for trading and can help you find the item you desire.


1. Are Black Market drops guaranteed in Rocket League?
No, Black Market drops are extremely rare and not guaranteed. They require luck and persistence to obtain.

2. Can I buy Black Market items with real money?
No, Black Market items cannot be directly purchased with real money. They can only be obtained through drops, trades, or events.

3. How often do Black Market drops occur?
Black Market drops occur randomly and can happen at any time during gameplay.

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4. Can I trade my Black Market drops for other items?
Yes, you can trade Black Market drops with other players for items of similar or higher value.

5. Can I trade my duplicate Black Market drops?
Yes, duplicate Black Market drops can be traded with other players or traded in for other valuable items.

6. What is the most valuable Black Market drop in Rocket League?
The value of Black Market drops varies, but some of the most valuable ones include the 20XX, Dissolver, and Fennec decals.

7. Can I increase my chances of getting a Black Market drop by buying keys?
Buying keys does not directly increase your chances of getting a Black Market drop. However, it allows you to open more crates, which may contain Black Market items.

8. Can I trade Black Market drops across platforms?
No, currently, Rocket League does not support cross-platform trading of Black Market drops.

9. Can I sell my Black Market drops for real money?
Selling in-game items for real money is against Rocket League’s terms of service and can result in a ban.

10. Are there any specific game modes that increase the chances of getting a Black Market drop?
No, the chances of getting a Black Market drop are the same across all game modes.

11. Can I get a Black Market drop by trading up items?
Trading up items can increase your chances of obtaining higher rarity items, but it does not guarantee a Black Market drop.

12. How can I check the value of my Black Market drops?
You can check the value of your Black Market drops by utilizing Rocket League trading websites, where users provide estimates based on the current market trends.

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In conclusion, obtaining a Black Market drop in Rocket League requires patience, persistence, and a bit of luck. By following the tips mentioned above and staying active in the Rocket League community, you can increase your chances of acquiring these rare and highly sought-after items. Good luck on your quest for the perfect Black Market drop!