How to Level up Rocket Science Sims 4

How to Level up Rocket Science in Sims 4

Rocket Science is an exciting skill in The Sims 4 that allows your Sims to explore the cosmos and even visit other planets. However, leveling up this skill can be a bit challenging. In this article, we will guide you through the process of leveling up your Sim’s Rocket Science skill and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

1. Start with the Basics:
To begin leveling up Rocket Science, your Sim will need access to a rocket ship. You can purchase one from the buy mode catalog under the ‘Activities and Skills’ section. Place it in your Sim’s backyard and they will be ready for their space adventures.

2. Reading Rocket Science Skill Books:
Have your Sim read skill books about Rocket Science to gain some initial knowledge. This will give them a head start and boost their skill level.

3. Experiment with Rocket Science Objects:
Interacting with rocket science objects will help your Sim gain experience. Use the ‘Experiment’ interaction on the rocket ship or other related objects to level up your Sim’s skill.

4. Join the Astronaut Career:
Enrolling your Sim in the Astronaut career will provide them with daily tasks related to Rocket Science. Completing these tasks will not only improve their skill but also increase their chances of promotions.

5. Attend Science Labs:
Visiting the Science Lab in the game will allow your Sim to conduct experiments and gain valuable experience in Rocket Science.

6. Take Rocket Science Classes:
Enroll your Sim in a Rocket Science class at the local university or community center. Attending classes regularly will help your Sim level up faster.

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7. Watch the Rocket Science Channel:
Have your Sim watch the Rocket Science channel on the television. This will not only entertain them but also provide them with some extra knowledge.

8. Perform Rocket Science Interactions:
Interacting with other Sims who have a high Rocket Science skill level can provide your Sim with valuable insights and tips to improve their own skill.

9. Practice Rocket Science Daily:
Consistency is key when it comes to leveling up any skill. Make sure your Sim spends some time every day practicing Rocket Science to see significant improvement.

10. Upgrade Rocket Ship:
As your Sim’s skill level increases, they can unlock upgrades for their rocket ship. These upgrades will not only enhance their space exploration experience but also provide additional skill points.

11. Experiment with Different Rocket Ship Actions:
Encourage your Sim to try out different actions on the rocket ship, such as ‘Stargaze’, ‘Upgrade’, or ‘Analyze Space Samples’. This will help them gain experience and level up faster.

12. Visit Sixam:
Once your Sim reaches a high Rocket Science skill level, they can unlock the ability to visit Sixam, the secret alien planet. Exploring this unique world will provide your Sim with a significant boost in their Rocket Science skill.


1. Can children level up Rocket Science?
No, Rocket Science skill is only available for teen and older Sims.

2. Can I level up Rocket Science without a rocket ship?
No, owning a rocket ship is necessary to level up Rocket Science.

3. Can I level up Rocket Science faster with cheats?
Using cheats can instantly level up Rocket Science, but it takes away the experience and challenge of the game.

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4. Can I learn Rocket Science from books only?
Reading skill books can provide a good foundation, but practicing the skill in-game is essential for leveling up.

5. Can I level up Rocket Science by just watching the Rocket Science channel?
While watching the Rocket Science channel can provide some knowledge, it is not enough to level up the skill significantly.

6. How long does it take to level up Rocket Science to the maximum?
The time it takes to reach the maximum level of Rocket Science depends on how often your Sim practices the skill.

7. Can I level up Rocket Science faster with the ‘Fast Learner’ trait?
Having the ‘Fast Learner’ trait will help your Sim level up Rocket Science faster.

8. Can I level up Rocket Science by analyzing space samples only?
Analyzing space samples is one of the actions that can help level up Rocket Science, but it is not the only method.

9. Can my Sim get a job in Rocket Science?
No, there is no specific career in Rocket Science, but the Astronaut career has tasks related to it.

10. Can my Sim die while exploring space?
Yes, there is a chance of death while exploring space, especially if your Sim’s skill level is low.

11. Can my Sim find rare items in space?
Yes, exploring space can lead to finding rare items that can be brought back to Earth and used for various purposes.

12. Can aliens abduct my Sim?
Yes, there is a chance of alien abduction while your Sim is exploring space. This can lead to interesting events and interactions.

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In conclusion, leveling up the Rocket Science skill in The Sims 4 requires dedication, practice, and exploration. By following the tips mentioned above and staying consistent, your Sim will become a master of the cosmos in no time.