How to Make Bags in New World

How to Make Bags in New World

New World is an open-world MMO game developed by Amazon Game Studios. In this immersive game, players explore the fictional land of Aeternum, where they can engage in various activities such as PvE quests, PvP battles, crafting, and more. One essential aspect of the game is bag management, as players need ample storage space to carry their items and resources. This article will guide you on how to make bags in New World, ensuring you have the necessary storage capacity to thrive in the game.

1. Start with the Basics: To begin crafting bags, you must first unlock the required Trade Skill. Visit a Settlement and find the Crafting Station, usually located near the town center. Interact with the station to access the Crafting Menu.

2. Choose the Tailoring Trade Skill: Within the Crafting Menu, select the Tailoring Trade Skill. This skill allows you to create various types of bags to suit your needs.

3. Gather the Required Resources: To create bags, you will need specific resources such as cloth and leather. These resources can be obtained by harvesting plants, hunting animals, or salvaging items. Explore the world and gather the necessary materials.

4. Craft the Basic Bag: Start by crafting the Basic Bag, the simplest and smallest bag available. This bag provides a foundation for creating larger and more advanced bags. Use the Tailoring Trade Skill to combine the required resources and craft your Basic Bag.

5. Level Up Your Tailoring Skill: As you continue to craft bags, your Tailoring Skill will level up. Higher skill levels unlock more advanced bag recipes, allowing you to create bags with greater storage capacity.

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6. Discover Rare Bag Recipes: Throughout your journey in New World, you may come across rare bag recipes. These recipes offer unique benefits and increased storage space. Keep an eye out for these valuable finds to enhance your inventory management.

7. Upgrade Your Bags: Once you have crafted a bag, you can upgrade it to increase its storage capacity. To upgrade a bag, return to the Crafting Station and select the bag you wish to enhance. Combine the required resources to complete the upgrade process.

8. Utilize Storage Chests: In addition to bags, New World provides storage chests in various settlements. Take advantage of these storage options to further expand your inventory space. Deposit items you don’t need immediately to free up bag space and ensure efficient item management.


1. Can I sell or trade bags with other players?
– Yes, you can sell or trade bags with other players, allowing you to earn currency or obtain valuable items.

2. Can I have multiple bags equipped at the same time?
– No, only one bag can be equipped at a time. However, you can switch bags to access different inventories.

3. Can I repair my bags if they get damaged?
– Bags do not get damaged or require repairs in New World.

4. Can I dye my bags to personalize them?
– No, bag customization options such as dyeing are not available in New World.

5. Are there bags with special bonuses or effects?
– Yes, rare bag recipes can provide special bonuses and increased storage capacity.

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6. Can I upgrade my bag’s storage capacity indefinitely?
– No, each bag has a maximum storage capacity that cannot be exceeded through upgrades.

7. Can I use bags of different levels simultaneously?
– Yes, you can use bags of different levels simultaneously, allowing for more diverse storage options.

8. Can I transfer items between different characters using bags?
– No, bags are specific to each character and cannot be used to transfer items between them.

By following these steps and tips, you can efficiently craft bags and manage your inventory in New World. Enhance your storage capacity, keep your items organized, and embark on countless adventures in this immersive MMO game.