How to Run in Super Mario World

How to Run in Super Mario World

Super Mario World, released by Nintendo in 1990, is a timeless classic that has captivated millions of gamers worldwide. One of the key mechanics in the game is running, which allows Mario to traverse levels quickly and jump higher. If you’re new to the game or looking to improve your running skills, here’s a guide on how to run effectively in Super Mario World.

1. The Basics: To start running, simply hold the Y button on your controller. This will make Mario move faster and jump farther.

2. Building Momentum: Running on flat ground is relatively straightforward, but to maximize your speed, try to build momentum by running downhill or after a long jump. This will make Mario move even faster.

3. P-Switches: Some levels feature P-Switches, which turn blocks into coins and vice versa. When you hit a P-Switch while running, the blocks will become coins in your path, allowing for smooth, uninterrupted movement.

4. Feather Power-Up: Obtaining a Cape Feather power-up will give Mario the ability to fly and maintain his speed while airborne, allowing for extended periods of running.

5. Shell Spin Jump: By jumping on a Koopa shell and pressing the jump button at the right time, Mario can perform a shell spin jump. This move not only increases his running speed but also eliminates enemies in his path.

6. Spin Jumps on Enemies: Certain enemies, like Spinies or Thwomps, cannot be defeated by jumping on them. However, by performing a spin jump on them, Mario can destroy or stun them while maintaining his running momentum.

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7. Yoshi’s Assistance: When riding Yoshi, Mario can run faster and jump higher, making it easier to traverse levels with speed and precision.

8. Boost Blocks: Throughout the game, you’ll find hidden blocks that can provide temporary speed boosts. Look for them in strategic locations to enhance your running ability.

9. Running on Water: Super Mario World introduces the unique ability to run on water. When Mario reaches a certain speed while running on a body of water, he will start sprinting across the surface, allowing for faster traversal.

10. Switch Palaces: Discovering and activating Switch Palaces will permanently alter the game’s world, often creating new paths and shortcuts that can be utilized for faster runs.

11. Secret Exits: Many levels in Super Mario World have secret exits that lead to hidden areas or shortcuts. Exploring these routes may help you find faster paths through the game.


1. Q: Can I run in Super Mario World without holding the Y button?
A: No, holding the Y button is necessary to make Mario run.

2. Q: Can I run on any surface?
A: Mario can run on most surfaces, except for steep slopes or walls.

3. Q: Does running speed up my progress through the game?
A: Yes, running allows you to complete levels faster and reach secret areas.

4. Q: Can Mario run indefinitely?
A: Yes, as long as you hold the Y button, Mario will continue running.

5. Q: Is running necessary to beat the game?
A: While running is not mandatory, it significantly improves your gameplay experience and helps in completing levels more efficiently.

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6. Q: Can I run while carrying items?
A: No, Mario cannot run while holding an item.

7. Q: How do I perform a shell spin jump?
A: Jump on a Koopa shell, and while in mid-air, press the jump button at the right time to perform a shell spin jump.

8. Q: Can Yoshi keep up with Mario’s running speed?
A: Yes, when riding Yoshi, he will match Mario’s speed.

9. Q: Can I run on water indefinitely?
A: No, running on water is only possible for a limited distance.

10. Q: Are there any power-ups that enhance running?
A: Yes, the Cape Feather power-up allows Mario to fly and maintain his running speed while airborne.

11. Q: Can I run faster by repeatedly tapping the Y button?
A: No, holding the Y button is sufficient to maintain Mario’s running speed. Tapping it repeatedly will not make him run any faster.

Mastering the art of running in Super Mario World is essential for achieving faster completion times and discovering hidden secrets. By following these tips and exploring the game’s mechanics, you’ll be able to sprint through levels with ease and uncover new shortcuts along the way. Embark on a nostalgic journey filled with speed, precision, and classic Mario charm in Super Mario World.