How to Tank New World

Title: Mastering the Art of Tanking in New World: A Comprehensive Guide


In the vast and treacherous world of New World, players face countless challenges that require a diverse range of skills. One of the most crucial roles in any adventuring party is that of the tank. A skilled tank is essential for soaking up damage, protecting teammates, and controlling the flow of battle. In this article, we will delve into the art of tanking in New World, offering valuable insights and tips to help you become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

I. Understanding the Role of a Tank:

A tank’s main goal is to draw the attention of enemies and absorb damage, allowing their teammates to focus on dealing damage. To excel in this role, familiarize yourself with the following key aspects:

1. Build: Focus on heavy armor, high health, and defensive attributes like Constitution and Strength. Shield mastery is also essential for blocking and countering enemy attacks.

2. Aggro Management: Maintain control of enemy attention through taunts, debuffs, and positioning. Keep enemies focused on you while protecting your allies.

3. Crowd Control: Utilize abilities that stun, slow, or immobilize enemies, allowing your team to gain an advantage in battle.

4. Communication: Coordinate with your team, signaling when to engage, disengage, or focus on specific targets.

5. Adaptability: Be prepared to adjust your strategy based on the encounter, enemy types, and your team’s composition.

II. Strategies for Effective Tanking:

1. Positioning: Stand between your team and the enemy, forcing foes to engage with you first. Utilize terrain and obstacles to block enemy movement and create chokepoints.

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2. Aggressive Taunting: Regularly use taunt abilities to ensure enemies focus their attacks on you. Rotate taunts efficiently to maintain threat levels.

3. Shield Blocking: Master the art of blocking incoming attacks with your shield. Timing is crucial, as successful blocks reduce damage taken and can even counterattack.

4. Mitigate Damage: Invest in defensive abilities that reduce incoming damage, such as damage reduction buffs and self-healing skills.

5. Team Support: Utilize abilities that bolster your teammates’ defenses or grant temporary invulnerability to protect them during crucial moments.


1. How important is communication in tanking?

Communication is vital for effective tanking. It allows you to coordinate with your team, plan strategies, and ensure everyone is on the same page during intense battles.

2. What gear is best for a tank?

Heavy armor sets are ideal for tanks in New World, as they provide high defense and protection. Look for gear that boosts your Constitution, Strength, and defensive attributes.

3. Should tanks focus on damage or defense?

While dealing damage can be beneficial, a tank’s primary focus should be on defense. Prioritize survivability and threat generation to keep enemies focused on you.

4. How can tanks effectively control enemy positioning?

Use abilities that stun, slow, or immobilize enemies to control their movement. Position yourself strategically to block their path and force them to engage with you.

5. Can tanks solo content in New World?

While tanks are built for group play, they can still handle solo content due to their high survivability. However, their damage output may be lower compared to other DPS-focused classes.

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6. Which weapons are best suited for tanking?

Sword and Shield combinations are popular choices for tanks in New World. The sword provides versatility in close combat, while the shield enhances defense and blocking capabilities.

7. How can tanks effectively manage their resources in combat?

Use abilities sparingly and prioritize regeneration abilities to ensure a steady resource flow. Efficient resource management is crucial to maintain threat levels and survive prolonged battles.

8. How can tanks counter ranged or magical enemies?

Close the gap quickly by utilizing gap-closing abilities or pulling enemies towards you. Once in melee range, focus on interrupting enemy spellcasting or reducing ranged damage with your shield.

9. What attributes should tanks prioritize?

Prioritize Constitution for increased health, Strength for higher damage output, and Focus for increased threat generation and resource regeneration.

10. How should tanks handle multiple enemies?

Prioritize AoE abilities to control and damage multiple enemies simultaneously. Ensure you maintain threat on each target to prevent them from attacking your allies.

11. How can tanks contribute to party synergy?

Tanks can provide crowd control, protect squishy teammates, and initiate fights. Coordinate with your team to maximize the effectiveness of your abilities and support your allies.


Mastering the art of tanking in New World requires dedication, strategic thinking, and effective communication. By understanding your role, utilizing the right abilities, and adapting to various encounters, you can become an invaluable asset to any adventuring party. Embrace the challenge, refine your skills, and become a formidable tank that leads your team to victory in the world of New World.

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