New World How to Get Repair Parts

New World: How to Get Repair Parts

New World, the highly anticipated MMO developed by Amazon Games, has finally arrived, immersing players in a beautifully crafted open-world environment. As players embark on their journey to conquer the mysterious and treacherous land of Aeternum, they will undoubtedly face numerous challenges and encounters that require constant maintenance and repair of their equipment. In this article, we will guide you on how to obtain repair parts, ensuring that your gear remains in optimal condition throughout your adventures.

Repair parts are essential items that allow players to repair damaged equipment, ensuring their durability and effectiveness in combat. Here are some ways to acquire repair parts in New World:

1. Salvaging: Salvaging unwanted or broken items is a reliable method to obtain repair parts. Simply head to a crafting station and select the “Salvage” option to break down your items into valuable components.

2. Loot Drops: Enemies and chests often drop repair parts as loot. Make sure to thoroughly explore every nook and cranny, defeat enemies, and open chests to increase your chances of finding repair parts.

3. Faction Rewards: Progressing through faction quests and increasing your reputation with different factions will unlock various rewards, including repair parts. Keep an eye out for faction-specific quests that offer repair parts as a reward.

4. Trading: Engaging in player-to-player trading can be an excellent way to acquire repair parts. Barter with other players or visit trading posts to find the repair parts you need.

5. Crafting: Crafting professions, such as Engineering and Armoring, allow players to create repair parts. Level up your crafting skills and gather the necessary resources to craft repair parts on your own.

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6. Expeditions: Participating in expeditions, New World’s instanced dungeons, can reward you with repair parts upon completion. Coordinate with your teammates to conquer challenging expeditions and reap the rewards.

7. Faction Invasions: Successfully defending your faction’s territories against invasions can grant you repair parts as part of the rewards. Join forces with fellow faction members to repel these hostile forces and earn valuable resources.

8. Territory Upgrades: Contributing to the development of your faction’s territories by completing town projects and donating resources can result in repair parts being unlocked as available items for purchase from town vendors.

9. PvP Rewards: Engaging in PvP combat, such as participating in wars or outpost rush battles, can yield repair parts as rewards. Prove your prowess on the battlefield and be rewarded accordingly.

10. Faction Tokens: Accumulating faction tokens by completing various faction activities allows you to purchase repair parts from faction vendors. Keep an eye on the faction vendors’ stock and spend your tokens wisely.

11. Elite Enemies: Defeating powerful elite enemies scattered throughout Aeternum can provide you with valuable loot, including repair parts. Test your skills against these formidable foes and be rewarded for your triumphs.

12. Territory Invasions: Participating in territory invasions, where players attempt to take control of a territory held by an opposing faction, can grant you repair parts as part of the rewards. Work together with your faction to drive out enemy forces and claim the spoils of war.


1. Can I repair my equipment without repair parts?
No, repair parts are necessary to repair damaged equipment in New World.

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2. Can repair parts be traded with other players?
Yes, repair parts can be traded or sold to other players.

3. Are repair parts consumed upon use?
Yes, repair parts are consumed when used to repair equipment.

4. Can I craft repair parts?
Yes, certain crafting professions allow players to craft repair parts.

5. Are repair parts limited in supply?
No, repair parts can be obtained through various means, ensuring a steady supply.

6. How many repair parts are needed to repair an item?
The amount of repair parts required depends on the item and its current durability.

7. Can repair parts be obtained from faction vendors?
Yes, repair parts can be purchased from faction vendors using faction tokens.

8. Can I salvage items anywhere?
No, salvaging items requires access to a crafting station.

9. Can I repair items during combat?
No, repairing items can only be done outside of combat.

10. Are repair parts required for all equipment slots?
Yes, all equipment slots, including weapons, armor, and accessories, require repair parts for maintenance.

11. Are repair parts tradable between characters on the same account?
Yes, repair parts can be shared between characters on the same account.

12. Can I store repair parts in a storage chest?
Yes, repair parts can be stored in storage chests for easy access.