New World How to Use Faction Seals

New World: How to Use Faction Seals

The highly anticipated MMO game New World has finally arrived, and players are diving into the immersive world of Aeternum. One of the exciting features in the game is the ability to join factions and earn Faction Seals. These seals are valuable resources that can be used to purchase various items and gear, helping you progress in the game. In this article, we will guide you on how to use Faction Seals effectively and answer some frequently asked questions to enhance your gameplay.

1. Joining a Faction: To begin using Faction Seals, you must first join a faction in New World. Visit the Faction NPC in any settlement and choose the faction you wish to align with.

2. Faction Missions: Complete faction missions to earn Faction Seals. These missions can range from gathering resources to defeating powerful enemies. Each mission completed will reward you with a specific number of Faction Seals.

3. Faction Board: Check the Faction Board regularly to find available missions. This board will display a list of missions you can undertake to earn Faction Seals. Choose the ones that suit your playstyle or current objectives.

4. Faction Store: Once you have earned Faction Seals, head to the Faction Store to spend them. The Faction Store offers a variety of items, including gear, consumables, and even housing decorations. Take your time to explore all the options and choose wisely.

5. Faction Tokens: In addition to Faction Seals, you may also come across Faction Tokens. These tokens can be used to purchase unique faction-specific items, so keep an eye out for them during your adventures.

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6. Faction Reputation: Increasing your faction reputation will grant you access to higher-tier items in the Faction Store. Complete more difficult faction missions or donate resources to gain reputation and unlock better rewards.

7. Trading Faction Seals: Faction Seals are bound to your character and cannot be traded or sold to other players. However, the items you purchase with Faction Seals can be traded or sold if they are not bound.

8. Faction PvP: Engaging in PvP activities with members of rival factions can yield additional Faction Seals. Defeating enemy players or capturing territories will grant you extra rewards, including Faction Seals.

9. Faction Conquests: Participating in faction-based battles and successfully capturing territories will unlock exclusive rewards. These rewards can include Faction Seals, gear, and other valuable items.

10. Faction Tokens from Invasions: Invasions are large-scale events where players defend against waves of enemies. Successfully repelling these invasions can reward you with Faction Tokens, which can be exchanged for powerful gear.

11. Faction Gear Sets: Some items in the Faction Store are part of unique gear sets that provide bonuses when equipped together. Consider investing in these sets to enhance your combat effectiveness.

12. Daily Faction Quests: Each day, new faction quests become available. Completing these daily quests will reward you with Faction Seals, helping you progress faster.


1. Can I switch factions?
No, once you have chosen a faction, you cannot switch until a faction change option is implemented in the game.

2. Are Faction Seals shared between characters?
No, Faction Seals are bound to the character that earned them and cannot be transferred.

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3. Can I earn Faction Seals without PvP?
Yes, you can earn Faction Seals through PvE activities and faction missions, but engaging in PvP can provide additional rewards.

4. Can I sell items purchased with Faction Seals?
Yes, if the items are not bound to your character, you can sell or trade them to other players.

5. How many Faction Seals can I earn per mission?
The number of Faction Seals earned per mission varies and depends on the difficulty and type of mission.

6. Are there any level requirements to join a faction?
Yes, you need to reach level 10 to join a faction in New World.

7. Can I earn Faction Seals by crafting?
No, Faction Seals are mainly earned through completing faction missions and engaging in PvP activities.

8. Can I donate resources to gain faction reputation?
Yes, donating resources to your faction can increase your faction reputation and unlock better rewards.

9. Are there any penalties for PvP activity within factions?
No, engaging in PvP activities within factions does not result in penalties.

10. Can I earn Faction Seals by participating in faction wars?
Yes, winning faction wars can reward you with Faction Seals and other valuable items.

11. How often does the Faction Store refresh its inventory?
The Faction Store refreshes its inventory every 24 hours, so make sure to check regularly for new items.

12. Can I earn Faction Seals by completing faction quests with a group?
Yes, completing faction quests with a group will still reward you with Faction Seals, as long as you actively participate in the mission.

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New World’s Faction Seals provide players with a valuable resource to acquire gear, consumables, and other items to progress in the game. By effectively utilizing Faction Seals, you can strengthen your character and increase your chances of success in Aeternum. So, rally your faction, complete missions, and conquer Aeternum!