What Do Astronauts Drink

What Do Astronauts Drink?

When it comes to space travel, we often think about the food astronauts eat, but have you ever wondered what they drink? In the vastness of space, staying hydrated is crucial for astronauts to stay healthy and perform their tasks effectively. Let’s explore what astronauts drink during their missions and how it differs from what we consume on Earth.

Water is the primary drink for astronauts in space. However, drinking water in zero gravity poses some unique challenges. Unlike on Earth, where gravity pulls liquids down, in space, liquids tend to float around. To solve this issue, astronauts drink water from specially designed bags with straws. These bags are equipped with valves that prevent water from escaping and floating away. Additionally, the straws have a one-way valve to prevent any bubbles or leaks.

While water is essential, astronauts also consume other beverages to maintain their health and well-being. One of these beverages is fruit juices. These juices are specially processed and packaged to be consumed in space. They come in a dehydrated form and are mixed with water before consumption. This helps provide astronauts with essential vitamins and a refreshing taste in the otherwise bland environment of space.

Another drink option for astronauts is coffee. However, due to the lack of gravity, traditional brewing methods are not feasible. Instead, astronauts use special coffee pouches that work similarly to tea bags. They add hot water to the pouches and allow them to steep before drinking. This method ensures that astronauts can enjoy their daily dose of caffeine in a convenient and mess-free way.

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In addition to water, fruit juices, and coffee, astronauts also have access to a selection of other beverages. These include tea, sports drinks, and even powdered lemonade. However, all drinks need to go through a rigorous process of dehydration, packaging, and reconstitution before they can be consumed in space.

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about what astronauts drink:


1. Can astronauts drink alcohol in space?
No, alcohol is strictly prohibited on space missions. It can interfere with the astronauts’ performance and pose safety risks.

2. Do astronauts drink soda or carbonated beverages?
No, carbonated beverages are not consumed in space due to the risk of the carbonation bubbles causing discomfort and potentially damaging the equipment.

3. How do astronauts handle spills or leaks with their drinks?
Astronauts are trained to quickly clean up any spills or leaks using specialized cleaning materials and vacuum systems to prevent any harm to themselves or the spacecraft.

4. How do astronauts brush their teeth in space?
Astronauts use a special toothpaste that does not require rinsing or spitting. They simply swallow it after brushing.

5. Can astronauts drink directly from containers like cups or mugs?
No, due to the lack of gravity, liquids would float out of the container. Therefore, they use specially designed bags with straws or pouches for drinking.

6. Can astronauts drink water from the International Space Station (ISS)?
Yes, the ISS has a water recovery system that filters and recycles water, making it safe for astronauts to drink.

7. How do astronauts stay hydrated during spacewalks?
Astronauts wear a water-filled garment called a Liquid Cooling and Ventilation Garment (LCVG) during spacewalks. This helps regulate their body temperature and keeps them hydrated.

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8. Do astronauts experience taste changes in space?
Yes, due to the lack of gravity, fluids in the body tend to accumulate in the upper body, affecting the sense of taste and perception of flavors.

9. How do astronauts drink without gravity?
Astronauts suck on the straw of their water bags or pouches, using the pressure difference to bring the liquid into their mouths.

10. Can astronauts drink water straight from their bags or pouches?
Yes, the bags and pouches are designed to allow the astronauts to drink directly from them without the need for cups or mugs.

11. How do astronauts handle waste liquids in space?
Astronauts carefully dispose of waste liquids, such as urine, through a complex system that filters and recycles them into clean water.

12. Can astronauts bring their own preferred drinks to space?
Unfortunately, due to limited space and the need for specialized packaging, astronauts cannot bring their own preferred drinks. They must consume the beverages provided by the space agencies.

In conclusion, staying hydrated is crucial for astronauts during their space missions. Water, fruit juices, coffee, and other specially processed beverages make up their drink options. Astronauts have to adapt to the unique challenges of drinking in zero gravity, using specially designed containers and straws. While their drink choices are different from those on Earth, their health and well-being are ensured through careful planning and advanced technology.