What Happens if It Rains at Disney World

What Happens if It Rains at Disney World

Disney World is often seen as a magical place where dreams come true. However, even the most magical place on earth can’t control the weather. Rain showers can occur unexpectedly, and it’s important to know what to expect if it rains during your visit to Disney World.

Disney World Rainy Day Tips

1. Keep an eye on the weather forecast: Before heading to the park, check the weather forecast to see if rain is expected. This will help you plan your day accordingly and come prepared.

2. Pack rain gear: Don’t forget to bring rain gear such as ponchos or umbrellas. While you can purchase ponchos at the park, they can be quite expensive. It’s better to be prepared and bring your own.

3. Enjoy indoor attractions: Disney World offers a variety of indoor attractions, shows, and experiences that can be enjoyed even on a rainy day. Take advantage of these options and explore the wonders that lie indoors.

4. Character meet and greets: Rainy days can be a great opportunity to meet your favorite Disney characters indoors. Look for character meet and greet locations that are covered, such as Town Square Theater in Magic Kingdom or Character Spot in Epcot.

5. Enjoy shorter lines: Rainy days often drive away some visitors, resulting in shorter wait times for popular attractions. Embrace the opportunity to experience your favorite rides with a shorter queue.

6. Indoor dining experiences: Rainy days are perfect for enjoying a leisurely meal at one of Disney World’s many indoor dining establishments. Sit back, relax, and savor the delicious cuisine while the rain pours outside.

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7. Take advantage of shopping: Browse through the many shops and boutiques that Disney World has to offer. Rainy days are a great time to shop for souvenirs or find unique Disney merchandise.

8. Be flexible: It’s important to remain flexible and adjust your plans as needed. If it’s just a passing shower, you can wait it out and continue with your day. However, if the rain becomes persistent, consider rescheduling certain outdoor activities or shows.


1. Will Disney World close if it rains?
Disney World rarely closes due to rain. Most attractions and shows continue to operate as usual, with some adjustments for safety purposes.

2. Are outdoor rides closed during rain?
Some outdoor rides may close temporarily during heavy rain or lightning storms. However, many attractions remain open, and you can still have a magical experience indoors.

3. Can I get a refund if it rains during my visit?
Disney World’s tickets are non-refundable, regardless of the weather conditions. However, you can reschedule certain activities or shows if necessary.

4. Should I cancel my Disney World trip if rain is forecasted?
It’s not necessary to cancel your trip solely based on rain forecasts. Disney World offers plenty of indoor experiences to enjoy, and the rain may even result in shorter wait times for attractions.

5. Are the parades and fireworks canceled during rain?
Parades and fireworks may be canceled or modified during rainy weather. However, Disney often offers alternative entertainment options to make up for the cancellation.

6. Can I still meet characters if it rains?
Yes, character meet and greets continue even during rain. Some meet and greet locations are indoors, allowing you to stay dry while meeting your favorite Disney characters.

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7. Do I need to bring my own poncho?
While Disney World does sell ponchos, they can be quite expensive. It’s advisable to bring your own rain gear to save money and be prepared for unexpected showers.

8. Can I still enjoy the water parks if it rains?
Disney’s water parks may close temporarily during heavy rain or thunderstorms. However, they usually reopen once the weather clears up, so you can still enjoy the water park experience.

In conclusion, while rain may dampen your day at Disney World, it doesn’t mean your magical experience has to be ruined. With the right preparation and flexibility, you can still make the most of your visit and create unforgettable memories, rain or shine.