What Is the Most Forgotten Zodiac Sign

What Is the Most Forgotten Zodiac Sign?

When it comes to astrology, everyone is familiar with the 12 signs of the Zodiac, but there is one sign that often gets overlooked or forgotten – Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus, also known as the serpent bearer, is the only sign that is not officially recognized in Western astrology. However, it has a long history and significance in other cultures.

Ophiuchus is said to represent the healer and is associated with wisdom, knowledge, and the search for truth. People born between November 29 and December 17 fall under this sign. Despite its omission from mainstream astrology, Ophiuchus has gained attention in recent years, sparking discussions and debates among astrology enthusiasts.

Why is Ophiuchus forgotten?

The omission of Ophiuchus from the Western zodiac can be traced back to the ancient Greeks. The early astrologers, known as the Babylonians, divided the sky into 12 equal parts, each corresponding to a specific constellation. However, the Greeks simplified the system, aligning each sign with the 30-degree division of the ecliptic. As a result, Ophiuchus did not fit within this framework and was excluded from the zodiac.

Is Ophiuchus a new discovery?

No, Ophiuchus has been known for centuries and has its roots in ancient Babylonian astrology. The constellation represents the god Apollo wrestling with a snake and has been observed since ancient times. It was recognized as a significant constellation in various cultures, including the Egyptians and Chinese.

Are there personality traits associated with Ophiuchus?

While Ophiuchus is not officially recognized in Western astrology, those born under this sign are often described as having a thirst for knowledge, being intuitive, and possessing a healing touch. They are believed to be seekers of truth and wisdom, with a desire to help and heal others.

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Does Ophiuchus change the dates of the other signs?

No, including Ophiuchus in the zodiac does not change the dates of the other signs. The addition of Ophiuchus would simply extend the zodiac calendar, but the dates for the other signs would remain the same.

Why is Ophiuchus gaining attention now?

In recent years, Ophiuchus has gained attention due to increased interest in astrology and the availability of information on the internet. Many people are looking beyond the traditional zodiac and exploring lesser-known signs such as Ophiuchus.

Is Ophiuchus recognized in other astrological systems?

Yes, Ophiuchus is recognized in some Eastern and Vedic astrological systems. In these systems, it is considered an important sign with its own unique traits and characteristics.

Will Ophiuchus ever be officially recognized in Western astrology?

It is unlikely that Ophiuchus will be officially recognized in Western astrology anytime soon. The current zodiac system has been widely accepted for centuries, and any changes to it would require a significant shift in astrological practices.

In conclusion, Ophiuchus, the forgotten zodiac sign, may not be officially recognized in Western astrology, but it has a rich history and significance in other cultures. While debates continue about its inclusion and its impact on the zodiac, Ophiuchus remains an intriguing and lesser-known part of astrological exploration.


1. What are the dates for Ophiuchus?
– Ophiuchus spans from November 29 to December 17.

2. What is the symbol for Ophiuchus?
– The symbol for Ophiuchus is a serpent bearer, depicting a person holding a serpent.

3. Are there any famous people born under the sign of Ophiuchus?
– There are no well-known celebrities associated with Ophiuchus, as it is not widely recognized in Western astrology.

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4. How does Ophiuchus interact with the other zodiac signs?
– As Ophiuchus is not officially recognized in Western astrology, its interactions with other signs are not considered in traditional astrological interpretations.

5. Can I find horoscopes for Ophiuchus?
– Some astrologers have begun creating horoscopes specifically for Ophiuchus, but they are not as prevalent as those for the other signs.

6. Are there any negative traits associated with Ophiuchus?
– Negative traits associated with Ophiuchus, if any, would depend on individual interpretations and beliefs.

7. How does Ophiuchus fit into the zodiac calendar?
– Including Ophiuchus in the zodiac calendar would extend it to 13 signs, with each sign occupying approximately 27.7 days.

8. Are people born under Ophiuchus compatible with other signs?
– Compatibility between Ophiuchus and other signs is not widely discussed due to its exclusion from mainstream Western astrology.

9. Can Ophiuchus influence my daily life?
– Belief in the influence of Ophiuchus on daily life would depend on personal beliefs and astrological practices.

10. Can I get my birth chart done with Ophiuchus included?
– Some astrologers may offer birth charts that include Ophiuchus, but it is not a standard practice.

11. Are there any famous myths or legends associated with Ophiuchus?
– Ophiuchus is often associated with the myth of Asclepius, a healer in Greek mythology, who is represented as the constellation.

12. Are there any books or resources available on Ophiuchus?
– While there may be limited resources specifically focusing on Ophiuchus, general astrology books and websites may offer some information on this sign.

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