What to Wear at Disney World in December

What to Wear at Disney World in December

Disney World is a magical place to visit throughout the year, and December is no exception. With the holiday season in full swing, the parks are adorned with beautiful decorations and festive entertainment. However, when it comes to deciding what to wear at Disney World in December, it’s essential to consider the fluctuating weather conditions and the activities you plan to partake in. Here are some tips to help you dress appropriately and comfortably for your December visit to the most magical place on earth.

Layering is Key:

During December, the weather in Florida can be quite unpredictable. While the days may be warm and pleasant, the nights can get chilly. It’s advisable to dress in layers so that you can easily adapt to the changing temperatures throughout the day. Start with a lightweight, breathable base layer like a t-shirt or tank top, and add a long-sleeved shirt or sweater on top. A light jacket or cardigan is also handy to have for the cooler evenings.

Comfortable Footwear:

With so much walking involved at Disney World, it’s crucial to wear comfortable footwear. Opt for closed-toe shoes or sneakers that provide ample support and cushioning. Avoid wearing new shoes that you haven’t broken in yet, as this can lead to discomfort and blisters. Also, consider packing an extra pair of socks in case yours get wet from water rides or rain showers.

Protection from the Sun:

Even in December, the Florida sun can be quite intense. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Sunglasses are also a must to shield your eyes from the bright sunlight. If you’re particularly sensitive to the sun, consider wearing lightweight, breathable clothing that provides additional coverage, like long-sleeved shirts or maxi dresses.

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Rain Gear:

Florida is known for its sporadic rain showers, even during December. Be prepared for sudden downpours by carrying a small, compact umbrella or a poncho. Ponchos are especially useful as they can easily fit into a backpack or even a pocket. They also provide better coverage than umbrellas in case of heavy rain or water rides.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I wear shorts at Disney World in December?
Yes, you can wear shorts in December, especially during the warmer days. However, it’s advisable to bring a pair of pants or leggings for the cooler evenings.

2. Do I need to bring a heavy coat?
While a heavy coat may not be necessary, it’s always a good idea to have a light jacket or sweater for the cooler temperatures at night.

3. Are flip-flops appropriate for Disney World in December?
While flip-flops are comfortable, it’s recommended to wear closed-toe shoes or sneakers for better support and protection.

4. Can I wear costumes to Disney World in December?
Disney World has specific guidelines for costumes, especially for adults. It’s best to check the official Disney World website for the current costume policies.

5. Should I bring an extra pair of clothes for water rides?
If you plan on going on water rides, it’s a good idea to bring a change of clothes or a poncho to protect yourself from getting wet.

6. Can I wear swimwear at Disney World in December?
While you can wear swimwear at the water parks, it may not be suitable for the other theme parks due to the cooler temperatures.

7. Are there any dress code restrictions at Disney World?
Disney World has a dress code policy that prohibits clothing with offensive language or graphics, and attire that may be considered inappropriate or revealing.

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8. Should I bring a backpack or bag to carry my belongings?
A small backpack or bag is highly recommended to carry essentials like sunscreen, water bottles, ponchos, and extra layers of clothing. It’s also convenient for storing any souvenirs or snacks you may purchase during your visit.

In conclusion, dressing appropriately for a December visit to Disney World involves layering, wearing comfortable footwear, protecting yourself from the sun and rain, and being mindful of the park’s dress code. By following these tips and guidelines, you’ll be well-prepared to enjoy the magic of Disney World during the holiday season.