What World Records Does Jet Tila Have

What World Records Does Jet Tila Have?

Jet Tila, a renowned chef and culinary expert, has made a name for himself in the food industry with his exceptional skills and passion for cooking. Over the years, he has not only created delicious dishes but also set various world records. Let’s explore some of the remarkable achievements that have distinguished Jet Tila as a culinary record-breaker.

1. Largest Stir-Fry: In 2012, Jet Tila cooked up a storm by creating the largest stir-fry ever recorded. Using a massive wok measuring 14 feet in diameter, he cooked over 1,805 pounds of delicious stir-fried vegetables and chicken.

2. Largest California Roll: Jet Tila also holds the record for creating the largest California roll. This enormous sushi roll was prepared in 2006, measuring a staggering 440 feet in length.

3. Longest Cooking Marathon: In 2015, Jet Tila embarked on a culinary challenge to cook non-stop for 24 hours. During this marathon, he showcased his expertise by preparing a wide range of dishes while entertaining and educating his audience.

4. Largest Pad Thai: Jet Tila’s passion for Thai cuisine led him to create the largest serving of Pad Thai ever made. In 2017, he cooked up a colossal portion weighing 4,123 pounds to set this impressive record.

5. Fastest Time to Break Down a Chicken: Known for his exceptional knife skills, Jet Tila set a record in 2014 for the fastest time to break down a chicken. He disassembled a whole chicken in just 14.75 seconds, demonstrating his precision and efficiency.

6. Longest Egg Roll: In 2003, Jet Tila made history by creating the longest egg roll ever recorded. This delicious creation measured an astonishing 32 feet and 9.25 inches in length.

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7. Largest Peking Duck: Jet Tila’s expertise in Asian cuisine shines through his record for the largest Peking duck. In 2014, he prepared a mouthwatering duck weighing 133 pounds, showcasing his mastery of this traditional Chinese dish.

8. Largest Miso Soup: Jet Tila’s dedication to Japanese cuisine led him to set the record for the largest serving of miso soup. In 2016, he prepared a gigantic bowl containing 1,126 gallons of this flavorful soup.

9. Fastest Time to Make 1,000 Dumplings: Jet Tila’s nimble fingers earned him another record in 2015 when he made 1,000 dumplings in just 30 minutes. This impressive feat showcased his exceptional speed and accuracy.

10. Largest Stir-Fried Rice: In 2017, Jet Tila cooked up the largest serving of stir-fried rice ever recorded. He prepared a whopping 6,469 pounds of this popular Asian dish, proving his ability to handle immense quantities of food.

11. Largest Sushi Mosaic: Jet Tila’s creativity and culinary artistry shine through his record for creating the largest sushi mosaic. In 2014, he assembled an exquisite mosaic made of sushi that measured 99 feet and 3.62 inches in length.


1. How many world records does Jet Tila hold?
Jet Tila currently holds 11 world records.

2. What is Jet Tila’s most impressive world record?
One of Jet Tila’s most impressive world records is for the largest stir-fry, where he cooked over 1,805 pounds of vegetables and chicken.

3. What type of cuisine is Jet Tila most known for?
Jet Tila is most known for his expertise in Asian cuisine, particularly Thai and Japanese dishes.

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4. How did Jet Tila get into the culinary world?
Jet Tila grew up in a family of chefs and restaurateurs, which sparked his passion for cooking from an early age.

5. Has Jet Tila appeared on any cooking shows?
Yes, Jet Tila has appeared as a judge on various cooking shows, including “Chopped” and “Iron Chef America.”

6. Does Jet Tila have any cookbooks?
Yes, Jet Tila has released a cookbook titled “101 Asian Dishes You Need to Cook Before You Die.”

7. Where is Jet Tila currently based?
Jet Tila is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

8. Does Jet Tila own any restaurants?
Yes, Jet Tila owns several restaurants, including The Charleston and Pakpao Thai.

9. Has Jet Tila received any awards for his culinary skills?
Yes, Jet Tila has received numerous accolades, including the “Culinary Ambassador of Thai Cuisine” award.

10. Is Jet Tila involved in any philanthropic work?
Yes, Jet Tila actively supports various charitable organizations, including the Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP).

11. Can I attend any cooking demonstrations or classes by Jet Tila?
Yes, Jet Tila often hosts cooking demonstrations and classes, which are open to the public. Check his official website or social media for updates on upcoming events.