When Are AP World Scores Released

When Are AP World Scores Released?

The Advanced Placement (AP) World History exam is taken by high school students who wish to earn college credit or advanced placement in history courses. After months of preparation and a grueling 3-hour exam, students eagerly await their AP World scores. However, the exact date of score release can vary each year. In this article, we will explore when AP World scores are typically released and answer some frequently asked questions related to score release.

AP World Scores Release Date:

The College Board, the organization responsible for conducting AP exams, releases scores for the AP World History exam in early July. The exact date can vary slightly from year to year, so it is advisable to check the College Board website for the most up-to-date information. However, scores are generally released within the first two weeks of July.

FAQs about AP World Scores Release:

1. How are AP World scores released?
AP World scores are released online through the College Board website. Students can access their scores by logging into their College Board account.

2. Can I request my scores to be sent to colleges before the release date?
No, scores are not released to colleges before the official release date.

3. Will I receive a physical copy of my scores?
No, AP scores are only available online. Students can print their scores or save them as a PDF if they wish to have a physical copy.

4. Is there a fee to view my scores?
No, viewing your AP World scores online is free of charge.

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5. If I take the AP World exam and do poorly, can I cancel my score?
No, once you have taken the exam, you cannot cancel your score.

6. Can I retake the AP World exam if I am not satisfied with my score?
Yes, students can retake the AP World exam in a subsequent year if they are not satisfied with their score. However, they must pay the exam fee again.

7. How can I prepare for the AP World exam score release?
While waiting for your scores, you can take the time to research colleges and universities that you plan to apply to and ensure they accept AP credits.

8. Can I access my scores on the same day they are released?
Yes, scores are typically available on the release date itself.

9. Will I receive notifications when my scores are available?
Yes, the College Board sends out email notifications to students when their scores are released.

10. Can I request a rescore of my AP World exam?
Yes, you can request a rescore of your exam. However, there is a fee associated with it.

11. How long will my AP World scores be available online?
AP World scores are available online for one year after the release date. After that, they are archived and can only be retrieved for a fee.

In conclusion, AP World scores are typically released in early July, within the first two weeks. Students can access their scores online through the College Board website. It is important to note that scores are not sent to colleges before the official release date. Students should be prepared to wait patiently for their scores and utilize this time to plan their future academic endeavors.

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