When Is Dapper Day at Disney World 2018

When Is Dapper Day at Disney World 2018?

Every year, Disney World hosts a special event known as Dapper Day where visitors are encouraged to dress up in their finest attire and enjoy a day of retro-inspired fashion and fun. Dapper Day is not an official Disney event but has gained popularity over the years, attracting fashion enthusiasts, vintage lovers, and Disney fans alike. So, when can you join in on the stylish festivities in 2018?

This year, Dapper Day at Disney World will be a two-day event, taking place on April 28th and April 29th. Visitors have the opportunity to choose which day they would like to attend, or they can even enjoy both days for double the dapper fun. The event is open to guests of all ages, and there are no specific dress code requirements. However, participants are encouraged to don their finest attire, whether it be vintage-inspired, Disneybounding, or simply dressing up to the nines.

Dapper Day is not limited to just Disney World; it also takes place at Disneyland Resort in California, Disneyland Paris, and even on Disney Cruise Line ships. The event began in 2011 as a way to celebrate the tradition of stepping out in style and has since grown into an international phenomenon, attracting thousands of attendees each year.

Here are 11 frequently asked questions about Dapper Day at Disney World:

1. Can I participate in Dapper Day if I am not staying at a Disney resort?
Yes, Dapper Day is open to all visitors to Disney World, regardless of where they are staying.

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2. Do I have to dress in vintage clothing for Dapper Day?
While vintage-inspired clothing is encouraged, there are no strict dress code requirements. The goal is to dress up and have fun, so wear whatever makes you feel dapper!

3. Do I need to buy a separate ticket for Dapper Day?
No, Dapper Day is not a separate ticketed event. Regular park admission is required.

4. Are there any organized meet-ups or events during Dapper Day?
Yes, there are often meet-ups and group photo opportunities organized by Dapper Day attendees. Keep an eye on the official Dapper Day website and social media pages for more information.

5. Can I dress up as a Disney character for Dapper Day?
Absolutely! Disneybounding, which involves dressing in regular clothes inspired by Disney characters, is a popular way to participate in Dapper Day.

6. Can I bring my own food and drinks to Dapper Day?
Outside food and drinks are not allowed in the Disney World parks, but there are plenty of dining options available for dapper diners.

7. Are there any age restrictions for Dapper Day?
No, Dapper Day is open to guests of all ages. Everyone is welcome to join in on the stylish fun!

8. Can I wear a costume for Dapper Day?
Dapper Day is not a costume event, but rather an opportunity to dress up in fashionable attire. Costume elements may not be allowed, so it’s best to stick to stylish outfits.

9. Can I wear sneakers or casual shoes for Dapper Day?
While there are no strict footwear requirements, wearing dressier shoes can enhance the dapper experience. However, comfort should also be a priority, so choose footwear that allows you to enjoy the parks all day.

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10. Is there a Dapper Day parade or show?
Dapper Day itself does not include a specific parade or show, but you may come across other Disney entertainment offerings throughout the parks.

11. Can I purchase Dapper Day merchandise during the event?
Yes, Dapper Day merchandise is usually available for purchase at select locations within the Disney World parks. Keep an eye out for unique items to commemorate your dapper experience.

Dapper Day at Disney World is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate fashion, style, and the magic of Disney. Whether you are a fan of vintage fashion or simply love the idea of dressing up for a day at the parks, this event offers something for everyone. So, mark your calendars for April 28th and 29th, and get ready to step out in style at the happiest place on earth!