When Will Disney World Sell Annual Passes

When Will Disney World Sell Annual Passes?

Disney World, one of the most renowned and beloved theme parks in the world, temporarily suspended the sale of annual passes in 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This decision left many Disney enthusiasts wondering when they would have the opportunity to purchase their beloved annual passes once again. While the exact date remains uncertain, there are several factors to consider when predicting the return of Disney World’s annual passes.

1. Current Pandemic Situation: The availability of annual passes is closely linked to the pandemic situation. As COVID-19 cases decline and vaccination rates increase, the likelihood of Disney World reintroducing annual passes becomes more promising.

2. Park Capacity: Disney World is currently operating at a limited capacity to ensure the safety of guests and comply with social distancing measures. Once the park returns to full capacity, the demand for annual passes is likely to rise, leading to their reintroduction.

3. Operational Readiness: Disney World needs to ensure that it is fully prepared to handle the influx of annual passholders. This includes staffing, ride capacity, and overall park readiness. Once Disney World is confident in its operational readiness, the sale of annual passes is more likely to resume.

4. Guest Feedback: Disney World values the opinions and feedback of its guests. By listening to their concerns and suggestions, Disney can make informed decisions regarding the reintroduction of annual passes. Guest feedback plays a significant role in shaping Disney World’s future plans.

5. Financial Considerations: The suspension of annual passes has significantly impacted Disney World’s revenue. As the park looks to recover financially, the reintroduction of annual passes becomes a viable option to attract more guests, increase attendance, and boost revenue.

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6. Marketing Strategy: Disney World may strategically choose to reintroduce annual passes during a specific time of the year to maximize its marketing impact. By offering annual passes during high-demand seasons, Disney can generate excitement and drive ticket sales.

7. Overall Safety Measures: Disney World has implemented numerous safety measures to protect guests and cast members. The reintroduction of annual passes will depend on the park’s ability to maintain a safe environment and manage crowd levels effectively.

8. Future Developments: The availability of annual passes may be influenced by future developments in the pandemic, such as the emergence of new variants or changes in government regulations. Disney World will continue to monitor these developments and adjust its plans accordingly.


1. When will Disney World start selling annual passes again?
Unfortunately, there is no specific date available at the moment. Disney World will announce the return of annual passes once it is confident in its ability to do so safely.

2. Will there be any changes to the annual pass program?
Disney World may introduce changes to the annual pass program, such as pricing adjustments or modifications to passholder benefits. Stay updated with official announcements for any changes.

3. Can I still visit Disney World without an annual pass?
Yes, Disney World is open to guests without annual passes. Regular admission tickets are available for purchase online or at the park entrance.

4. Are there any alternative ticket options available?
Disney World offers daily tickets, multi-day tickets, and park hopper options for guests who do not have annual passes.

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5. Can I use my old annual pass once they are reintroduced?
It is unclear whether previously purchased annual passes will remain valid or if there will be any adjustments. Disney World will provide further guidance on this matter.

6. Can I purchase annual passes for other Disney parks?
The availability of annual passes may vary for different Disney parks. Check the official website for updates on annual pass sales for each park.

7. How can I stay informed about the return of annual passes?
Stay connected with Disney World’s official website, social media platforms, and newsletter for the latest updates on the return of annual passes.

8. Will the reintroduction of annual passes affect park capacity?
The reintroduction of annual passes may impact park capacity, especially during peak seasons. Disney World will take necessary measures to manage guest flow and ensure an enjoyable experience for all visitors.

While the exact date of Disney World’s annual pass reintroduction is uncertain, the factors mentioned above provide insight into the park’s decision-making process. As Disney World continues to prioritize safety and guest satisfaction, the return of annual passes appears to be on the horizon, much to the delight of Disney enthusiasts worldwide.