Where Can I See the Cubs World Series Trophy

Where Can I See the Cubs World Series Trophy?

The Chicago Cubs’ historic victory in the 2016 World Series ended a 108-year championship drought, making it a monumental event for the team and its fans. The coveted World Series trophy, commonly known as the Commissioner’s Trophy, is a symbol of this triumph and holds immense significance for Cubs supporters worldwide. If you’re wondering where you can see this iconic trophy, here are some options:

1. Wrigley Field: The Cubs’ home stadium in Chicago showcases the Commissioner’s Trophy in various areas throughout the year. Fans visiting Wrigley Field can have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the cherished trophy.

2. Chicago Cubs Team Store: Located in Wrigleyville, the official Cubs Team Store is an excellent place to see the World Series trophy. It offers a wide range of Cubs merchandise alongside the trophy display, creating a memorable experience for fans.

3. Cubs Convention: The annual Cubs Convention, typically held in January, is a thrilling event for fans to meet players and take photos with the World Series trophy. This convention is a great opportunity to celebrate the team’s success while enjoying a vibrant atmosphere.

4. Cubs Trophy Tour: The Chicago Cubs organize a Trophy Tour that allows fans from various locations to catch a glimpse of the Commissioner’s Trophy. The tour usually visits different cities and public venues, providing fans outside of Chicago a chance to see the prestigious trophy.

5. Museums and Exhibitions: Occasionally, the World Series trophy is on display at various museums and exhibitions across Chicago. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding these special showcases, as they provide a unique opportunity to see the trophy in a different setting.

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1. Can I touch the World Series trophy?
No, unfortunately, touching the trophy is prohibited to preserve its integrity and prevent any damage.

2. How long does the Cubs Trophy Tour last?
The duration of the Cubs Trophy Tour varies each year, so it is recommended to check the official Chicago Cubs website or social media for the latest information.

3. Is there an entrance fee to see the trophy?
In most cases, there is no charge to see the World Series trophy. However, certain events or exhibitions may require an admission fee.

4. Can I take pictures with the trophy?
Yes, fans are generally permitted to take photos with the trophy when it is on display. However, specific rules and regulations may apply at each venue.

5. Is the World Series trophy the same every year?
No, the Commissioner’s Trophy is redesigned and created each year, with the winning team’s name and year engraved on it. The Cubs’ trophy from the 2016 World Series victory has its unique design and engravings.

6. Can I bring personal items to be autographed at the trophy display?
While it is not guaranteed, some events or exhibitions may allow fans to bring personal items for autographs. However, it is advisable to check the guidelines beforehand.

7. Can I take a tour of Wrigley Field to see the trophy?
Wrigley Field offers guided tours that include access to certain areas where the trophy may be on display. Check the official Wrigley Field website for tour options and availability.

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8. Is the World Series trophy the only Cubs championship trophy on display?
No, the Cubs have won multiple championships throughout their history, and some of these trophies may also be on display at specific times or events.

9. Can I buy a replica of the World Series trophy?
Replica trophies are available for purchase at the official Cubs Team Store, allowing fans to own a piece of Cubs history.

10. Can I request the trophy to be displayed at a specific event or location?
Requests to have the World Series trophy displayed at specific events or locations are generally handled by the Chicago Cubs organization. However, fulfilling such requests depends on various factors and is subject to availability.

11. Will the trophy ever leave Chicago?
While the trophy primarily remains in Chicago, the Cubs have occasionally taken it on tours to other cities or events, allowing fans from different locations to have a chance to see it.