Where to Buy Ponchos at Disney World

Where to Buy Ponchos at Disney World

When visiting Disney World, it’s essential to be prepared for unexpected weather changes, especially during the rainy season. One item that should be at the top of your packing list is a poncho. Ponchos are lightweight, compact, and provide excellent protection against rain showers. If you find yourself in need of a poncho while exploring the magical world of Disney, here are some places where you can purchase one:

1. The Emporium: Located on Main Street, U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom, The Emporium is a massive store that offers a wide variety of Disney merchandise, including ponchos. You can find both adult and child-sized ponchos here.

2. MouseGear: Situated in Epcot’s Future World, MouseGear is the perfect place to find a poncho while enjoying the park’s unique atmosphere. They have a fantastic selection of Disney-themed ponchos in various sizes.

3. World of Disney: As the largest Disney retail store in Disney Springs, World of Disney is a must-visit destination for any Disney enthusiast. Here, you can find a range of ponchos suitable for all ages.

4. Discovery Trading Company: Located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, this shop offers a selection of ponchos along with other outdoor gear. You can find ponchos featuring Disney characters or ones with a more neutral design.

5. Disney’s Hollywood Studios: While exploring Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you can find ponchos at various merchandise locations throughout the park. Look for shops like Mickey’s of Hollywood or Celebrity 5 & 10.

6. Resort Gift Shops: If you’re staying at one of Disney World’s many resorts, most of them have gift shops that carry ponchos. Check with your resort’s front desk for the nearest location.

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7. Disney Springs Marketplace Co-Op: This shopping destination offers unique and boutique-style merchandise, including ponchos. You’ll find a variety of designs and sizes to choose from.

8. Disney Water Parks: If you are planning to visit Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach, don’t worry about bringing a poncho from home. You can easily find them at the water parks’ gift shops.

9. Disney’s BoardWalk: This area, located near Epcot, features a few shops that sell Disney merchandise. They often carry ponchos, making it convenient for those staying nearby.

10. Online Disney Stores: If you prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home, consider visiting the official Disney store website. They offer a wide range of ponchos that can be delivered directly to your doorstep.

11. Third-Party Retailers: There are several third-party retailers both online and in physical stores that sell Disney merchandise. These retailers often have Disney-themed ponchos available for purchase.


1. Are ponchos available year-round at Disney World?
Yes, ponchos are available for purchase year-round at Disney World.

2. How much do Disney ponchos cost?
Disney ponchos typically range from $10 to $15, depending on the size and design.

3. Can I use a poncho on water rides?
Yes, ponchos can be used on water rides to keep you dry.

4. Are ponchos reusable?
Yes, most Disney ponchos are reusable and can be folded up and stored for future use.

5. Can I find ponchos in plus sizes?
Yes, many stores offer ponchos in various sizes, including plus sizes.

6. Do the ponchos feature Disney characters?
Some ponchos do feature Disney characters, while others have a more neutral design.

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7. Can I return a poncho if I don’t use it?
Most stores have return policies that allow for returns or exchanges if the poncho is unused and in its original packaging.

8. Are the ponchos durable?
Disney ponchos are made of lightweight and durable materials, designed to withstand rainy conditions.

9. Can I buy ponchos in bulk?
Yes, some stores offer bulk purchases of ponchos, which can be useful for larger groups or families.

10. Can I find child-sized ponchos?
Yes, child-sized ponchos are available at most Disney merchandise locations.

11. Can I purchase ponchos at the parks’ entrances?
While some parks may have small merchandise stands near the entrance, it’s best to visit the designated merchandise locations for a wider selection of ponchos.