Where to Get Buttons at Disney World

Where to Get Buttons at Disney World: Celebrating Your Magical Moments

Disney World is a place where dreams come true, and what better way to commemorate your visit than with a button? Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, first visit, or any other special occasion, Disney offers a variety of buttons that allow you to share your joy with the world. In this article, we will explore where you can get buttons at Disney World and provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding these magical keepsakes.

Disney World offers a wide array of buttons that you can wear proudly throughout your visit. These buttons are available for free at various locations throughout the parks and resorts. Here are some popular spots where you can find them:

1. Guest Relations: The first place to check for buttons is at the Guest Relations windows located in each of the theme parks. Simply approach one of the friendly cast members and ask for a button to celebrate your special occasion.

2. Resort Front Desks: If you’re staying at a Disney resort, make sure to stop by the front desk. They usually have a selection of buttons available for guests to choose from.

3. Character Meet and Greets: Some character meet and greet locations also have buttons on hand. This is a great way to add a touch of magic to your photos with your favorite Disney characters.

4. Special Events and Celebrations: During certain events or celebrations, such as Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, you may find exclusive buttons available for purchase or as part of the event experience.

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Now, let’s address some common questions about Disney World buttons:

1. Are the buttons free?
Yes, the buttons are complimentary and available for guests to celebrate their special moments.

2. Can I get buttons for multiple occasions?
Absolutely! Disney encourages guests to celebrate as many special occasions as they wish.

3. Can I request a specific button design?
While Disney offers a variety of button designs, you may not be able to choose a specific one. However, the buttons are all fun and colorful, perfect for any celebration.

4. Can I get buttons for non-Disney celebrations?
Yes, you can! Disney understands that guests may have other special events to celebrate, and they are more than happy to provide buttons for those occasions as well.

5. Can I get buttons if I’m not staying at a Disney resort?
Yes, buttons are available to all guests, regardless of where they are staying.

6. Can I get buttons for my entire group?
Yes, you can request buttons for everyone in your party.

7. Can I get buttons for my child’s birthday party?
Absolutely! Disney loves making birthdays extra special, so don’t forget to grab a button for your little one.

8. Can I get buttons for my wedding or anniversary?
Yes, Disney offers special buttons for weddings and anniversaries. You can ask for them at the front desk or Guest Relations.

9. Can I keep the buttons as souvenirs?
Definitely! The buttons make wonderful keepsakes to remember your magical moments at Disney World.

10. Can I wear the buttons on rides?
Yes, you can wear your buttons anywhere in the parks, including on rides.

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11. Can I get buttons if I’m visiting during a non-holiday period?
Absolutely! Buttons are available year-round, regardless of any specific holiday or event.

Now that you know where to get buttons at Disney World and have answers to some frequently asked questions, it’s time to celebrate your magical moments! Be sure to wear your button proudly and let the magic of Disney surround you throughout your visit.