Where to Meet Stitch in Disney World

Where to Meet Stitch in Disney World

Disney World is known for its magical experiences and character meet-and-greets. One beloved character that visitors often seek out is Stitch, the mischievous and lovable alien from the movie “Lilo & Stitch.” If you’re wondering where to meet Stitch in Disney World, read on to discover some of the best spots to encounter this adorable character.

1. Magic Kingdom: Stitch can often be found at the Town Square Theater in Magic Kingdom. This iconic location offers an immersive experience where you can meet and interact with Stitch in a specially designed meet-and-greet area.

2. Epcot: Head over to Epcot’s Character Spot to meet Stitch alongside other Disney favorites. This is a popular spot for character encounters, so be sure to check the daily schedule for Stitch’s appearance times.

3. Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios and make your way to the Animation Courtyard to meet Stitch. This is a great opportunity to see the character in a Hollywood-themed setting.

4. Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort: If you’re staying at or visiting Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, you may have the chance to meet Stitch during breakfast at ‘Ohana, a popular dining spot. This character dining experience allows you to enjoy a delicious meal while interacting with Stitch and other Disney characters.

5. Special Events: Keep an eye out for special events and seasonal offerings where Stitch may make an appearance. During holidays like Halloween and Christmas, Stitch often joins the festivities at various locations throughout the parks.

6. Character Dining: Another way to meet Stitch is through character dining experiences. Check out the dining options in each park, such as Chef Mickey’s at Disney’s Contemporary Resort or Tusker House at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, where you can enjoy a meal while meeting multiple characters, including Stitch.

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7. My Disney Experience App: To ensure you don’t miss out on meeting Stitch, download the My Disney Experience app. This handy tool provides up-to-date information on character locations, schedules, and wait times, allowing you to plan your visit accordingly.

8. Character Cavalcades: Due to the current health and safety measures, traditional character meet-and-greets have been modified. However, Disney World has introduced character cavalcades, where characters, including Stitch, make surprise appearances throughout the parks. Keep an eye out for these magical moments during your visit.


1. Can I get a FastPass for meeting Stitch?
FastPasses are not currently available for character meet-and-greets, including Stitch. However, lines for these experiences typically move quickly, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long.

2. How long is the typical wait time to meet Stitch?
Wait times vary depending on the time of day, season, and location. On average, you can expect to wait anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to meet Stitch.

3. Can I take photos with Stitch?
Absolutely! Disney Cast Members are available to take professional photos, or you can use your own camera or smartphone to capture magical moments with Stitch.

4. Are autograph books allowed?
Yes, you can bring autograph books or any other items you’d like to have signed by Stitch. He’ll be happy to leave his signature!

5. Can I hug Stitch?
While physical contact with characters is currently limited, you can still pose for photos near Stitch and interact with him from a safe distance.

6. How often does Stitch take breaks?
Character schedules are subject to change, but typically, Stitch takes short breaks every 30 minutes to an hour to rest and recharge.

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7. Can I meet Stitch without a park ticket?
In most cases, you will need a valid park ticket to meet Stitch. However, character dining experiences at certain resorts may allow you to meet him without entering the parks.

8. Are there any age restrictions for meeting Stitch?
There are no age restrictions for meeting Stitch or any other Disney character. The magic of Disney is for everyone, regardless of age!