Which Sims Packs Come With Worlds

Which Sims Packs Come With Worlds

The Sims franchise has been known for its vast selection of expansion packs, game packs, and stuff packs that allow players to enhance their gameplay and add new features to their virtual world. One of the most exciting aspects of these packs is the inclusion of new worlds. These worlds provide players with new locations to explore, new neighbors to meet, and new stories to create. In this article, we will discuss which Sims packs come with worlds.

1. Expansion Packs:
Expansion packs are the largest and most comprehensive additions to The Sims 4. Each expansion pack usually includes a new world, along with a plethora of new gameplay features, items, and interactions. Some of the expansion packs that come with worlds are:

– Get to Work: This expansion pack introduces the world of Magnolia Promenade, a neighborhood that includes retail stores and a hospital.

– Get Together: With this pack, players can explore the world of Windenburg, a picturesque European-inspired city with various venues and clubs.

– Island Living: Discover the beautiful world of Sulani, a tropical paradise complete with beaches, volcanoes, and a conservation career.

2. Game Packs:
Game packs are smaller in scale than expansion packs but still provide significant additions to the game. They often include new gameplay features, skills, and items. Some of the game packs that come with worlds are:

– Jungle Adventure: This pack allows players to explore the world of Selvadorada, an exotic jungle destination filled with ancient temples, treasures, and dangers.

– StrangerVille: Uncover the secrets of StrangerVille, a desert town plagued by a mysterious plant and a military presence.

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3. Stuff Packs:
Stuff packs are the smallest additions to the game and usually focus on adding new items, clothing, and build/buy objects. They do not typically come with new worlds. However, there are a few exceptions:

– The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat: While technically a game pack, this pack also includes a new world called Granite Falls, a vacation destination with camping sites and a national park.

– The Sims 4: Tiny Living: Though primarily a stuff pack, it introduces the world of Rustic Residence, a neighborhood specifically designed for tiny homes.


1. Are the worlds in expansion packs accessible without the pack?
No, the worlds are exclusive to the expansion pack they come with, and you need to own the pack to access them.

2. Can I travel between different worlds in the game?
Yes, you can travel between different worlds by using the phone or the “Travel…” option on the computer.

3. Can I build my own worlds in The Sims 4?
No, currently, players cannot create their own worlds from scratch. However, you can modify and build upon existing worlds using the build/buy mode.

4. Can I visit other players’ worlds?
No, players cannot visit other players’ worlds directly. However, you can share your worlds through the in-game gallery for others to download and play.

5. Can I use the items from different worlds in my own world?
Yes, items from different worlds can be used in any world you create or modify.

6. Can I have multiple worlds in one save file?
No, each save file in The Sims 4 can only have one active world at a time.

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7. Can I uninstall a pack and keep the world in my game?
No, if you uninstall a pack, you will lose access to the world it came with. You need to have the pack installed to use its world.

8. Can I use a world from an older Sims game in The Sims 4?
No, the worlds from previous Sims games are not compatible with The Sims 4.

9. Are there any free worlds available in The Sims 4?
No, all worlds in The Sims 4 are included in the various packs and need to be purchased.

10. Can I customize the existing worlds?
Yes, you can customize the existing worlds by using the build/buy mode to add or modify lots, houses, and community spaces.

11. Can I create my own neighborhoods within a world?
No, you cannot create new neighborhoods within an existing world. However, you can modify and customize the existing neighborhoods to suit your preferences.

In conclusion, The Sims packs, including expansion packs and game packs, offer players the opportunity to explore new worlds and expand their gameplay experience. Each pack brings unique locations, stories, and features to the game, allowing players to create their own virtual universes.