World of Tanks How to Stun

World of Tanks: How to Stun and Dominate the Battlefield

World of Tanks is a popular online multiplayer game that allows players to engage in epic tank battles. One of the most important aspects of the game is understanding how to effectively utilize artillery tanks to stun and disrupt enemy forces. In this article, we will discuss the art of stunning and provide you with some tips and strategies to dominate the battlefield.

What is Stun in World of Tanks?

Stun in World of Tanks refers to the effect caused by artillery shells hitting enemies. It temporarily impairs their crew’s efficiency, making their tanks less effective in battle. Stunned tanks have reduced accuracy, longer reload times, and slower mobility.

How to Stun:

1. Aim for Clusters: Target areas where multiple enemy tanks are closely grouped together. This increases the chances of stunning more tanks with a single shot.

2. Prioritize Dangerous Tanks: Focus on stunning heavily armored or high-damage tanks that pose a threat to your team. This will give your allies an opportunity to eliminate these targets more easily.

3. Keep an Eye on the Map: Pay attention to the battlefield and target tanks that are engaged in combat. Stunning tanks in the midst of battle can disrupt their effectiveness and provide an advantage to your team.

4. Lead Your Shots: Artillery shells have travel time, so it’s important to anticipate the movement of enemy tanks and aim slightly ahead of them. This will increase your chances of hitting your target and stunning them.

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5. Coordinate with Your Team: Communicate with your teammates and inform them of your targets. They can help you focus fire on stunned tanks, increasing the chances of eliminating them quickly.

6. Use Consumables: Equip your artillery tank with consumables that increase your chances of stunning enemies. These include improved shells, consumable boosters, and equipment that enhances artillery performance.

7. Take Cover: Position your artillery tank strategically to avoid being spotted by enemy scouts. This will keep you safe and allow you to stun enemies from a hidden location.

8. Learn Weak Spots: Familiarize yourself with the weak spots of enemy tanks. Hitting these areas will not only increase the chances of stunning but also increase the damage dealt.

9. Capitalize on Stun Duration: When a tank is stunned, take advantage of the situation. Coordinate with your team to focus fire on stunned tanks and eliminate them swiftly.

10. Stay Mobile: Constantly change your position to avoid counter-artillery fire. Staying in one spot for too long makes you an easy target for enemy artillery, which can quickly eliminate you.

11. Practice, Practice, Practice: Becoming proficient in stunning requires practice and experience. Experiment with different tactics, study maps, and learn from your mistakes to improve your skills.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does stun affect all tank types?
– Yes, stun affects all tank types in World of Tanks.

2. How long does stun last?
– The duration of stun varies depending on the shell used and crew skills of the target tank.

3. Can stun be resisted?
– No, stun cannot be resisted but its effects can be mitigated through crew skills and consumables.

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4. Can I stun multiple tanks with a single shot?
– Yes, you can stun multiple tanks if they are close enough to each other.

5. Can I stun tanks behind cover?
– No, artillery shells need a direct line of sight to stun tanks.

6. How can I increase my stun duration?
– Crew skills, consumables, and equipment can increase the stun duration of your artillery tank.

7. Can I stun allies?
– No, friendly tanks are immune to stun.

8. Can stun damage enemy tanks?
– Stun does not directly damage tanks, but it reduces their effectiveness in battle.

9. How can I avoid being stunned?
– Keep moving and change your position frequently to avoid becoming an easy target for enemy artillery.

10. Can I stun tanks while moving?
– Yes, you can stun tanks while moving, but your accuracy may be reduced.

11. Can stun be stacked on a single tank?
– No, stun effects do not stack on a single tank.