World of Warships How to Play Cruisers

World of Warships: How to Play Cruisers

Cruisers play a crucial role in World of Warships, serving as versatile vessels that can adapt to various situations on the high seas. These ships offer a perfect balance between firepower, speed, and maneuverability, making them an ideal choice for players who enjoy a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of playing cruisers and provide some tips and strategies to help you excel in this class.

1. Understanding Cruiser Types:
Cruisers can be broadly categorized into three types: light cruisers, heavy cruisers, and battle cruisers. Light cruisers excel in scouting and screening roles, while heavy cruisers are known for their strong armor and firepower. Battle cruisers combine elements of battleships and cruisers, offering a deadly combination of speed and firepower.

2. Utilizing Your Speed:
Cruisers boast impressive speed, allowing them to quickly maneuver around the map. Take advantage of this attribute to flank enemy ships, provide support to teammates, or retreat from dangerous situations.

3. Capitalize on Your Versatility:
Cruisers are versatile ships that can engage both enemy destroyers and battleships effectively. Use your maneuverability to dodge incoming fire and find the ideal position to unleash your firepower.

4. Mastering Shell Types:
Cruisers can utilize different shell types, including high-explosive (HE) and armor-piercing (AP) shells. HE shells are effective against lightly armored targets, while AP shells deal significant damage to heavily armored enemies. Experiment with different shell types to adapt to the situation at hand.

5. Prioritizing Target Selection:
Identifying the most significant threats on the battlefield is essential. Prioritize eliminating enemy destroyers and aircraft carriers that can disrupt your team’s strategy. Once the immediate threats are neutralized, shift your attention to damaging battleships and other cruisers.

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6. Effective Use of Consumables:
Cruisers have access to various consumables, such as Damage Control Party, Hydroacoustic Search, and Defensive AA Fire. Use these consumables wisely to enhance your survivability and disrupt enemy movements.

7. Teamplay is Key:
Coordinate with your teammates to focus fire on priority targets, provide smoke screens for friendly ships, or support them with your consumables. Cruisers excel in supporting roles, so ensure effective communication and teamwork for the best results.

8. Map Awareness:
Maintain an awareness of your surroundings and adapt your strategy accordingly. Plan your movements to avoid being caught in crossfires or being isolated from your teammates.

9. Angling and Evasion:
Cruisers have less armor compared to battleships, making proper angling and evasion crucial for survival. Angle your ship to minimize the surface area exposed to incoming fire, and use your maneuverability to dodge enemy salvos.

10. Captains Skills and Upgrades:
Investing in specific captain skills and ship upgrades can greatly enhance your cruiser’s performance. Experiment with different combinations to find the optimal setup that suits your playstyle.

11. Continuous Learning:
Finally, always strive to improve your skills and knowledge about cruisers. Watch replays, study tactics employed by experienced players, and stay updated with the latest game updates and balance changes.


1. Should I engage battleships head-on?
No, it’s best to avoid direct confrontations with battleships due to their superior firepower and armor. Utilize your speed and maneuverability to strike from unexpected angles or engage battleships as part of a coordinated team effort.

2. Is it better to use AP or HE shells?
The choice of shell type depends on the target’s armor. Use HE shells against lightly armored ships, and switch to AP shells when engaging heavily armored opponents.

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3. How can I effectively dodge torpedoes?
Maintain situational awareness and anticipate the movements of enemy destroyers. Change your speed, direction, and utilize your consumables to evade incoming torpedoes.

4. What captain skills should I prioritize?
Skills like Superintendent, Concealment Expert, and Demolition Expert are valuable choices for cruiser captains. Experiment with different skills to find the ones that suit your playstyle.

5. How can I deal with carrier-based aircraft?
Activate your Defensive AA Fire consumable to deter incoming aircraft, and stay close to friendly ships that have strong anti-aircraft capabilities.

6. Can cruisers capture capture points?
Yes, cruisers can capture points, but their primary role is to support teammates and engage enemy ships. Leave the capturing to destroyers or battleships, if possible.

7. How can I contribute to the team as a cruiser?
Support your team by focusing fire on priority targets, providing smoke screens, spotting enemy ships with your consumables, and engaging in effective communication with your teammates.

8. What upgrades should I equip on my cruiser?
Upgrades that enhance your ship’s survivability, main battery performance, and concealment are generally beneficial for cruisers. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you.

9. How do I effectively engage destroyers?
Utilize your superior firepower and range to engage destroyers from a safe distance. However, be cautious of their torpedoes and their ability to disappear into smoke screens.

10. Are cruisers suitable for beginners?
Cruisers can be challenging for beginners due to their fragility and reliance on good positioning. However, with practice and understanding of their strengths, cruisers can become a rewarding class to play.

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11. How can I counter radar-equipped cruisers?
Radar cruisers can reveal enemy ships in their vicinity, so it’s important to stay out of their range or behind islands. Communicate their positions to your team and adjust your strategy accordingly.

In conclusion, playing cruisers requires a balance of aggression, situational awareness, and teamwork. By mastering their strengths and employing effective strategies, cruisers can become formidable assets on the high seas of World of Warships.